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  • U.S. UCAN

    All the power of the Internet2 community—delivered to community anchor institutions across the country. U.S. UCAN works with regional research and education networks to connect community anchor institutions across the U.S. to advanced broadband capabilities, enabling them to provide telemedicine, distance learning and many other life-changing applications to their constituencies.

  • K20 Now Part of US UCAN

    The K20 Initiative is now part of U.S. UCAN. Find out what you can do with Internet2, whether your organization’s connected, and explore the advanced applications and resources enabled by high-performance, broadband networking.

    It’s time to get involved.

  • Innovation. Community. Transformation.

    “It’s not just about answering questions faster. It’s about answering questions we could not have answered before.”

    “Our community has a responsibility and a passion for developing advanced innovations that serve us all...”

    That’s the power of partnership to enable the future, together.

U.S. UCAN infosheet image The United States Unified Community Anchor Network (U.S. UCAN) is an Internet2 program working with regional research and education networks across the country to connect community anchor institutions—including schools, libraries, health care facilities and other public institutions—to advanced broadband capabilities.

Utilizing the Internet2 Network and in collaboration with regional research and education networks across the country, U.S. UCAN will enable anchor institutions to serve their communities with telemedicine, distance learning and other life-changing applications.

As of the summer of 2013, Internet2’s National K20 initiative is formally part of U.S. UCAN.   Sponsored Educational Group Participant (SEGP) program is also part of U.S. UCAN.

Our Mission

The U.S. UCAN mission is to identify, nurture, and implement national advanced network and application programs that enable community anchor institutions (CAIs) to better serve their communities. CAI sectors include health institutions, public safety, community colleges, schools, community centers, libraries, museums, and other public access points that can benefit from advanced broadband Internet services.

U.S. UCAN will build on the success of research and education networks that have played a central role in the development and growth of the Internet and where possible, will collaborate with and leverage the investments of industry equipment/service providers to deliver broadband.

Our Vision

U.S. UCAN is a community-driven program focused on expanding CAI access to advanced broadband services. Its scope includes:

  • Identify emerging national networking needs and opportunities and engaging network users and potential users, regional networks, industry providers, and national organizations to implement solutions.
  • Support and share best practices in the application of advanced research and education networking in community anchor settings, developed in partnership with interested/relevant national anchor organizations through convening network users from within the community and other appropriate means.
  • Develop and implement services tailored to the general needs of the community and the specific needs of CAI sectors by building on the Internet2 infrastructure for delivery.
  • Serve as a trusted advisor to network users and policy makers in matters of policy and technology
    • Document and analyze the use and uptake of advanced broadband by CAIs to support measurement of the goals of the National Broadband Plan and inform the delivery and types of services provided to CAIs. 
    • Monitor and analyze policy trends and communicating the assessment
    • Support community issue advocates in responding to or driving policy viewpoints important for broadband delivery to CAIs.
  • Work closely with state affiliates to achieve this vision as well as other goals identified by the community.
  • Engage with commercial service providers as appropriate to achieve community goals.

Our History

Want more background information on U.S. UCAN? You'll find it at U.S. UCAN Background.

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