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TIER Workbench

Primary information on TIER software releases is maintained on the Internet2 Wiki. This page provides testing and support infrastructure only and is designed to assist organizations in their evaluation or production use of the container-based TIER software distribution.

TIER Component Testbed

Testbed organization

You can use the testbed to:

  • Register a Shibboleth IdP test environment and use the testbed's SP to verify functionality.
  • Register a Shibboleth SP test environmemt and use the testbed's IdP (or your own testbed-registered IdP) for testing.
  • Easily prototype TIER components that require a Shibboleth SP for proper operation (e.g., COmanage).
  • Create testbed person records (identities) and use them in multiple contexts including rapid TIER component prototyping.


  • Access virtual machine images - Download pre-built VM images to run the Docker container-based versions of the TIER components. This is the recommended solution for a first look at the container version of the TIER components.
  • Access the Docker container version of the components - The current release focuses on the full Virtual Machine environment that both builds and runs the Docker containers. Schools already using Docker in production should be able to build containers using the TIER supplied VM and then run them in their normal environment. A future TIER release will document how to use the Docker containers more directly.
  • Manage testbed person records - Create/manage person records in the testbed's Kerberos and LDAP data stores. 
  • Access the standard TIER component distributions - Access the standard production distributions for the TIER components. This is the recommended solution for all production environments.
    1. COmanage Registry
    2. Grouper Enterprise Access Management Syste
    3. Shibboleth Identity Provider
  • Manage testbed metadata (make sure that your InCommon IdP releases EPPN, sn, givenName to this site - see below)
    1. Create and manage testbed Shibboleth Identity Provider (IdP) metadata.
    2. Create and manage testbed Shibboleth Service Provider (SP) metadata. 
  • Check your InCommon IdP Attribute Release - Use this very simple test to determine if your campus InCommon Shibboleth IdP releases the attributes needed for you to interact with this site. This test runs a copy of the Testbed's create identity webform, but instead of creating an identity, it just displays the server CGI environment back to the user. In this display you will see a combination of any data that you enter into the webform along with all of the attributes released by your site's InCommon Identity Provider and the general web server environment. In order to use this site, your campus IdP must release EPPN, SN, and givenName to the Testbed. 

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