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FAQ - Service fees

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4.1 How are service fees set?

Fees are negotiated as part of the Business Agreement during the Service Validation Phase. The Sponsor and Service Validation institutions work very closely with the Internet2 NET+ program manager to negotiate the fees with the Service Provider. Fee negotiations may take into account similar services in the Net+ catalog or similar services that may be evaluated by the service validation institutions. Often, the approach to setting fees is different than the service provider offers outside the program (e.g., a site license or fixed annual fee). In general, the NET+ fee will be lower than the pricing that is available to educational institutions directly from the service provider. Internet2 members always pay the lowest fee negotiated by NET+. Members of the regional and global NET+ Partner organizations pay fees set by their membership organizations, based on the Internet2 member fee. Non-members are charged a small premium.

4.2 May I use the NET+ fee as the starting point for individual negotiations with a provider? I believe my campus can get a “better deal”. What if my campus would like to purchase the service differently than it is offered within NET+?

Nothing in the NET+ program prohibits institutions from conducting individual negotiations with service providers. There may be situations in which the specific needs of the institution are so different from those anticipated in the NET+ contract that such negotiations would be worth the time and effort involved, for both the institution and the service provider. However, most service providers recognize the value of the NET+ program (including having single standard contracts and pricing) and, in most cases, are not likely to negotiate better terms. If a campus feels they can get a “better deal,” they are encouraged to talk with the NET+ staff so that the deal can be incorporated into the general contract and all institutions can benefit.