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FAQ - Eligibility

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2.1 Who is eligible to use NET+ services?

Eligibility for each service will vary based on the service provider’s business plans that are reviewed and assessed by the service validation group. At a minimum, all NET+ services will be available to Internet2’s university member institutions. Beyond Internet2 members, many services will be available more broadly to all non-profit higher education institutions, K-12 institutions, and other non-profit research and education entities such as research laboratories and libraries. Services offered through NET+ regional and global partner programs are available to the types of Partner’s member institutions as agreed with the service provider.

2.2 Are all NET+ services available to all participants?

Once they have completed service validation, all services are available to Internet2 higher education members. Some services will be available to members of Partner (regional and global) research and education networks. Additionally, a limited number of services will be available to certain types of non-profit organizations that are not members of either Internet2 or NET+ Partners. There is a searchable category called “Subscribers” on the “Cloud Services & Application” page on the Internet2 website. If your institution falls under one of the listed types, then you can subscribe to that service.

2.3 What about my campus being part of a state system or other university system, what size am I for NET+ services? Campus or System?

If each campus is a distinct Internet2 member, each would be able to subscribe to NET+ services as an individual campus. There are also services that support subscription at the systemwide level for deployment to all participating campuses given institutions flexibility on how the subscriptions are undertaken.

2.4 What if we want to sign up for a service as a state system or other university system?

If your system has joined Internet2 as well, you have the option of participating in some services (it is service by service differentiated) as an entire system, managing the service under a single account. So three campuses A, B, and C would have a single NET+ subscription, administrative console, escalation account, etc. and act as a single subscriber in aggregate. If that single approach doesn't work, each would need to sign up as an individual campus.

2.5 Does an organization have to be an InCommon participant to use a NET+ service?

Many services require InCommon participation as a function of federating access to the service. A key feature of the NET+ Service offerings is to leverage campus investments in identity credentials with scalable single sign on mechanisms. Also, this allows campuses to take advantage of the InCommon Assurance Program when cloud-based and other third-party services require a higher level of assurance.

2.6 What is a “qualified entity”?

“Qualified entities” are institutions that may subscribe to each specific service. Lists of types of qualified entities are developed and maintained by Internet2 and NET+ Partners for each specific NET+ service. Allowed types of qualified entities are listed in the NET+ Services Catalog for each service.

2.8 Why is Internet2 offering services to non-members?

While Internet2’s primary goal is to negotiate for services that are desired by its members, it has a strong secondary goal of negotiating services that will help the entire research and education community. Where possible, Internet2 will attempt to negotiate service availability to the widest possible group of institutions in the community. Non-members will generally pay a higher fee for these services than members.

2.7 Can an institution propose modifications to the NET+ Customer Agreement?

The NET+ Customer Agreement is a standard document that cannot be changed or modified, except to comply with specific state laws not already addressed elsewhere in the agreement. NET+ agreements offer significant value to participating institutions, in part, because they do not need to be renegotiated repeatedly for each participant. Negotiations during the service validation phase for each service, under the guidance of sponsoring and participating institutions, develop the specific elements of the NET+ service schedule for that service.

2.9 How is the NET+ program funded?

Over time, the NET+ program is expected to pay for itself through fees it collects from NET+ Service Providers. Twelve (12) universities provided seed funding for the NET+ program in 2010, and this has been supplemented by general budget from Internet2 during the start-up phase. Current budget projects are estimating that the program will begin to support itself in 2015.

2.10 Will Internet2 NET+ respond to RFP’s for a service?

Internet2 is a membership organization working on behalf of member and higher education to help negotiate cloud services. It is not, in itself, a provider of cloud services. Therefore, we are not responding to RFPs.

2.11 What resources are provided to a campus that wants to subscribe to a service?

Internet2 will work with the campus to make sure the functionality, storage, pricing, and other terms and conditions are understood. Documentation developed during the service validation phase, such as use cases, testing, identity integration, etc.—as well as the security assessment—will be shared with the campus. In addition, Internet2 sponsors a number of webinars and other activities under the “Cloud Proud™” label, aimed at providing education on using cloud services.

2.12 Can a campus or system be “preauthorized” to add NET+ services to their Internet2 agreement?

We have created a standard Internet2 NET+ Customer Agreement. After an institution, when procuring their first NET+ Service signs this, subsequent services can be easily added on as “Schedules” to this base agreement.

2.13 What benefits do Internet2 member campuses receive that non-member subscribing campuses do not?

In addition to being able to take advantage of member discounts for Internet2 NET+ Services, Internet2 members are able to sponsor new services and participate in service validations. Also, they are able to become members of service provider “roadmap” councils and the Internet2 NET+ Program Advisory Group. These are essential activities that allow schools to influence the direction of specific services as well as the program itself.

There are a number of other benefits to Internet2 membership as well. These include: the ability to fully participate in Internet2 projects; initiatives and working groups; have access to specialized staff and resources; have access to promotional materials; collaboration tools and mail lists; are able to attend Internet2 meetings and technical workshops at a discounted member rate; and are active partners in setting the direction of the national research and education network agenda.

2.14 How do I get more information about the Internet2 Net+ Services?

Our web page includes the latest information about current NET+ Services. If you are interested in a specific service please visit the service web home page specific to that service for more information and to learn how to participate.

You can also subscribe to an email list for updates as new services and features are added. Please send your contact information, interests, and/or other inquiries to: