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Internet2 NET+


From next-generation Internet technology to next-generation cloud technology

“The Internet2 NET+ Initiative is focused on more than just cloud technology. It’s a different approach to creating solutions at scale, providing a portfolio of cloud offerings tailored to research and education. It helps institutions accelerate the adoption of cloud solutions, equipping and mobilizing more quickly the very users who are advancing scholarship and science.”

—David Gift, Internet2 Associate Vice President, Community Engagement

Cloud services sure sound good. But deploying them has its challenges. Providing next-generation user mobility in the cloud is key to advancing scholarship and science, but meeting user demands and satisfying enterprise standards at the same time is a tall order. And after the technical issues, contracts and pricing have been worked out, what about the new processes and strategies that must be put in place? Will they scale? Are they mobile? What about security, accessibility—and integration with your enterprise data?

Accelerate and safeguard your move to the cloud with Internet2 NET+. Conceived and led by the research and education (R&E) community, NET+ applies the same community standards and collaborative approach to cloud and trust solutions that guided the advancement of R&E networking in the late 1990s and created the Internet2 Network.

Through NET+, R&E is selecting, developing and delivering its own cloud services and applications, tailored to its own diverse user community, and leveraging its own trust and identity technologies. Through Internet2 NET+ partnerships, commercial cloud solution providers tailor offerings to meet shared R&E needs. Each service undergoes rigorous, peer-driven security, accessibility and performance reviews.

Proven R&E technologies are integrated, too—like the federated authentication and authorization services available through Internet2’s InCommon—architected for high performance across the advanced Internet2 Network and global peers. Standard business and legal agreements are leveraged for each solution, along with optimal terms for swift deployment. And after deployment, providers partner with the community to develop technology roadmaps and enhancements to meet evolving user and enterprise needs.

The result: a unified portfolio of reliable cloud and trust solutions, enabling responsive, mobile services at scale and especially tailored for R&E’s diverse community of users.




Through a rigorous, peer-driven evaluation process, R&E institutions and cloud service providers work together to develop offerings that maximize deployment efficiencies and minimize the business and legal challenges, financial costs, and technology risks of migrating from on-campus to cloud-based solutions. Members collectively identify and vet cloud solutions that the community believes can be effective in meeting challenges, and have the potential to scale, benefiting all member institutions’ teaching, learning and research needs.

NET+ services are made broadly available only after they pass this peer-driven service evaluation process. At that point, new business models, legal agreements, and the best possible pricing and terms for all are created to speed adoption and implementation. Leveraging the collective technical and functional expertise of Internet2 members, combined with the collaborative scale of the R&E community, ensures that Internet2 NET+ services are high-value, collegially vetted, ready-to-use cloud solutions, simple to access and administer, and tailored to the unique needs of R&E.


Success in the cloud involves a lot more than just selecting a technology or a service. A whole new range of related activities is required, and the development of a new range of skills that will ensure your campus can take full advantage of these new, innovative services. New perspectives and skills are needed to maximize the benefits of collaborative cloud environments in nearly every area of the academic institution. That's where the CloudProud™ program comes in.

We invite you to learn from other CloudProud organizations—your R&E colleagues—how you can enable completely new levels of collaboration for your organization with cloud and trust solutions that scale—not just institutionally, but nationally and globally.


General Information

Don’t know much about Internet2 NET+ cloud services and applications? Then this category is an excellent place to start. Find out what NET+ services are, what types of services are offered, and more. There is also an info sheet available describing an overview of all Internet2 Cloud Initiatives.


Who is eligible to use NET+ services? Does your organization have to be an Internet2 member to qualify? An InCommon participant? Are there any resources available to campuses that are eligible? It’s all covered here.

Service Lifecycle

How do services become part of the Internet2 NET+ portfolio? How long does it take, and how many phases does the service have to go through before being offered to the community? How is a service removed from the catalog? These and other questions are answered here.

Service Fees

How are fees set? Can campuses still negotiate individually?

Service Validation & Contract Terms

What are the key steps of the validation process? What about security guidelines, including FERPA, HIPAA, and so on?

Partner Service Pricing

Which services are available for NET+ partners to sell? How is appropriate pricing determined? Can partners resell services directly to Internet2 members? Check out this category for answers to questions like these.

Providing a Service:

If you are interested in providing a cloud service to the higher education community through the NET+ program, please contact for additional information.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Internet2 NET+ services. Click on a category below to browse the questions and answers in that category. Still can’t find the answer you need? Ask us at!

Service Types
Software as
a Service (SAAS)
Software as a Service (SAAS) allows research and education (R&E) institutions to reduce IT costs by outsourcing hardware and software maintenance and support to their cloud providers. This allows the reallocation of IT operations costs away from hardware/software spending and personnel expenses, and toward meeting other goals. The ability to rapidly deploy new apps to private clouds allows technology teams to focus on needs and goals outside the IT department.

Security &
Participating in a deeply collaborative community has allowed Internet2 institutions to achieve much more than they could on their own. Securely connecting individuals and organizations with the people and resources they need is what Internet2 NET+ SI services are all about. The Internet2 Trust and Identity in Education and Research (TIER) initiative encompasses a growing federated identity ecosystem through InCommon Federation and the Internet2 Middleware Initiative, providing open-source software designed to support access, collaboration, and interoperable identity management infrastructures for the R&E community.
Our goal: ensuring that members of our community have access to the right services, at the right time, with the right protections and privacy considerations, while supporting easy, global collaboration.

Infrastructure & Platform Services (IPS)
Building the right foundation in the cloud sets the platform for your institution’s future. Internet2 NET+ I&P services enable infrastructure delivery that is tested through a rigorous process, offering you the ability to rapidly—and reliably—add new platforms and infrastructure capabilities.

Voice &
Collaboration (VVC)
The power to combine the best cloud tools for teaching, sharing and collaborating is a key ingredient in the success of today’s distributed R&E community. NET+ combines video and voice through the cloud, allowing for frictionless communication between educators, researchers and learners.

Digital Content for
Research &
Education (DCRE)
Many institutions still manage content and research with paper-based processes, disconnected point solutions, and homegrown databases. As creators, editors and consumers of this content become more and more distributed, new approaches are required. NET+ DCRE solutions integrate and streamline the many tasks involved in sharing information in a way that is accessible anywhere.