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Innovation Platform

  • Innovation Platform Perspectives

    Executives and researchers from Arizona State University, Clemson University and Indiana University share their rich visions for what the Internet2 Innovation Platform will mean for their students and faculty across the world.

  • Showcase - What Will Innovators Do

    What do you suppose U.S. innovators will do with the next Innovation Platform?

    If what they did with the paradigm-bashing environment provided by the research and education community a few decades back was any indication, you'd better buckle your seatbelts.

  • Showcase - Innovation Campus Pilot Sites

    You'll recognize the names. Some of the most important universities, regional networks and laboratories in the U.S. They’ve already started implementing the Internet2 Innovation Platform: 100GE Layer 2 connection, software-defined networking support and Science DMZ. Prepare yourself for a new breed of tailored, better-yielding services for scientific researchers and educators.

  • Innovation Platform

    100GE Layer 2 connection for unconstrained bandwidth availability.

    Software defined networking support for a new class of control.

    Science DMZ implementation for fewer bottlenecks.

    Put them all together and you’ve got an Innovation Platform that will jump start a new wave of global discovery.

Rob Vietzke, Internet2 VP of Network Services, explains how the Innovation Platform will spur R&E innovation and advancement.

Creating new innovation opportunities begins with understanding what enabled innovation in the past...

A few decades ago, research and education (R&E) community innovation sparked a little thing called the Internet, spurring unprecedented technology development, applied research and data-intensive science capabilities like never before. These innovations transformed the global economy into an information-based powerhouse—turning an initial $250 million total investment into an estimated $1.4 trillion global market annually,* making the modern Internet and its applications one of the most transformative technologies of the 20th century.

Those seminal network investments put the R&E community “way out in front” of commercial markets by establishing a new, bandwidth-rich, large-scale and ubiquitous set of capabilities—on top of which network technology, research innovations and science-driven applications could flourish. This, in turn, led to the global transformation on which our current information-based economy is built.

The Internet2 community (including the same players and partnerships that launched the original Internet) believes investing in a new Innovation Platform will produce a new wave of transformation. A new breed of applications can fuel a new cycle of global economic development driven by U.S. R&E. Universities and research organizations will be better able to attract and nurture tomorrow’s innovators. Their technical innovations and scientific discoveries will create new markets and provide new solutions that move beyond R&E and positively affect mankind. Once again, R&E can lead the way in defining a path forward and strengthen the nation's position and global economy for decades to come.

We believe the time for building it is now. The Internet2 Innovation Platform is open.

The Internet2 Innovation Platform

“Regardless of the discipline, our scholars care about doing their work; universities provide the ideal testbed to develop what comes next.”

—Bradley C. Wheeler, Indiana University Vice President for IT, CIO

The Internet2 community, working together, is creating a new Innovation Platform to inspire a new generation of community-developed applications and empower members to deliver a new breed of tailored, better-yielding services for scientific researchers and educators—including the growing portfolio of cloud services available through the Internet2 NET+  initiative.

Organizations can work with Internet2 and advanced regional networks to construct their innovation infrastructure, which includes: a 100 gigabit Ethernet (GE) technology Layer 2 connection, support for software-defined networking (SDN), and implementation of a Science DMZ**.

Unconstrained Bandwidth Availability – 100GE Layer 2 Connection: Extraordinary increases in network capacity and speed, delivered across a 100GE national backbone, deep into the places where tomorrow’s innovators are at work, enabling widespread application development and delivery.

A New Class of Control – Software Defined Networks: Entirely new dimensions of possibility, allowing previously untouchable, inflexible networks to be deeply programmable and optimized for compute, storage, visualization and transport capabilities so all can be driven by applications.

Fewer Bottlenecks – Science DMZ: Pioneering concepts like the Science DMZ** provide a blueprint for architecting and optimizing local networks to support the very unique needs of passing high-bandwidth research data. Using this model, campuses experience improved application performance without sacrificing security—and as a result, can fully leverage their investments in 100GE connectivity.

Innovation Campus Pilot Sites Innovation Platform Implementers

A growing number of leading universities, regional research and education networks and laboratories are implementing the Internet2 Innovation Platform.

Join the challenge and prepare yourself for a new breed of tailored, better-yielding services for scientific researchers and educators.

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*See Quantifying the Economic Impact of the Internet for more info and links to the study.
**The Science DMZ model was developed by the Department of Energy's ESnet. More info on Science DMZ can be found at ESnet's website: