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Collaborative Innovation Community

Collaboration and Innovation

Three years ago, three collaborative groups were created. These working groups are being transitioned to Internet2 current programs and priorities. The groups are described below. For further questions about the closing of the innovation office, please refer to Ana Hunsinger (

Collaborative Innovation Community image Distributed Big Data & Analytics
Scope: Enable Internet2 members to better manage distributed big data and analytics through partnerships, collaborations, shared services and leveraging of Internet2 capabilities in advanced networking, cloud services, and federated identity. See group page for more...

End-to-End Trust & Security
Scope: Develop an advanced architectural roadmap and recommended implementation approach to enable future end-to-end trust and security innovations for the R&E community. See group page for more...

Internet of Things
Scope: The IoT will incorporate many physical devices, sensors and facilities into a variety of public and private networks. This possibility presents many opportunities and challenges for our members and the world. See group page for more...

CINC Up Map image
CINC UP Map, showing working group participation (Oct 6, 2017 - Click to download PDF)

Working Group Operations

Each working group is led by Internet2 member representatives (with support from Internet2 staff), leverages member programs and resources, and encourages participation from the entire Internet2 community. Each group will make specific recommendations regarding scope, ensure economic viability and scalability, and clarify value to a significant segment of Internet2 membership.