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User Story Examples

"One of the challenges we have at <Institution> as more and more moves from our on premise datacenter to various cloud providers is a way to maintain a some sort of inventory of where institutional assets are. We want to be able to enable our campus to use the Cloud provider of their choice but also maintain inventory and meta data about those assets. Things such as back up information, patching status, scanning results, root credentials, etc. We can and have developed services to help with this but they are generally platform specific."

"Many of our researchers could greatly benefit from using Cloud services and only paying for the resources they use, rather then buying hardware to meet the needs of a specific project. Many of the researchers are hesitant to do this because in the Capex world, they buy a server, funded by the grant, which allows them to continue use of the server for as long as that server lasts. Researchers worry that if they move to the Opex model they will not have resources to continue to access the research generated from the grant once the grant funding ends. This is a communication and strategy issue which I know many schools are working on. If we could align on a common communication and strategy for our researchers across institutions, we may be able to make progress as a group. Working with NSF and other large funding organizations would also be a big benefit here."

"We are in the process of building a federated HPC environment that spans across three campuses and the cloud. Along with Google Cloud and SchedMD, we have set up a working proof-of-concept. The next step will be to enable a researcher at Rutgers, who recently was awarded an NSF BIGDATA grant, to login locally, but submit either to the cloud or on our local system. Cloud connect will be very useful as our researcher moves data between local and cloud. Minimizing latency will be essential."