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Cloud Initiative

How do we leverage the Internet2 & R&E community private infrastructure and trusted identity solution to connect members with public and private clouds?
How do we build value through tools that allow migration between clouds, makes R&E community resources available to one another and the larger Internet, provides feature parity with commercial solutions and positions us to be have features/capabilities/economics not available outside this service?

The Cloud Connect Initiative is beginning with a research phase to create a set of requirements for a Cloud Connect environment that responds to these questions and others. We have heard from the Internet2 Community that they want to use the secure capabilities of regional and national R&E networks for multi-cloud movement of data into, out of and across multiple major cloud providers. The research phase will continue through mid-spring 2018 with a goal to develop requirements to combine use of the infrastructure that exists in the Internet2 and regional networks along with trust and identity capabilities that exist within the community to deliver a Cloud Connect environment later in 2018.

Community Cloud Study

As a first step in our research, we are asking for your stories, representing the best examples of your needs in a cloud-connected environment while also describing the types of challenges you face in conducting your research using cloud-connected services.

For more information, see: 
Community Cloud Study page

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