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Program Advisory Groups

As a member-owned technology community, Internet2 must ensure that its resources and efforts are used to benefit community members and advance their research, education and service missions. Program Advisory Groups (PAGs) provide an essential channel of community input to advise and guide the creation and direction of Internet2 programs and services. The following PAGs are currently active. Visit the Internet2 Program Advisory Groups & Governance wiki page to follow each PAG's activities.

Trust and Identity

Internet2 executive liaison: Kevin Morooney, Vice President of Trust & Identity Services

Internet2 staff liaison(s): Dean Woodbeck, Education and Outreach Lead, InCommon
Member Affiliation Title
Michael Gettes University of Florida Director, Identity Services
Ted Hanss Yale University Associate CIO, Medicine & Health Divisions
Klara Jelinkova Rice University VP for International Operations and IT and Chief Information Officer
Mark Johnson University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill CI Consultant
Michele L. Norin Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
John O'Keefe Lafayette College Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Christopher Phillips CANARIE, Inc. (Canada's National Research and Education Network) Technical Architect
Sean Reynolds Northwestern University VP and CIO

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External Relations

The primary purpose of the External Relations PAG (ERPAG) is to advise Internet2 management on public policy matters and strategic planning relevant to the Internet2 community. These responsibilites may include, but are not limited to:

  • Recommending public policy projects and priorities
  • Assisting with the development of domestic and international public policies
  • Reviewing Internet2 advocacy materials
  • Analyzing rules, legislation, and other matters impacting Internet2
  • Informing Internet2 on the role of commercial service providers
  • Facilitating communications between Internet2 and the research and education community
  • Engaging in external advocacy
  • Helping recruit expert volunteers for Internet2 initiatives or projects

Internet2 executive liaison: John Morabito, Vice President of External Affairs and General Counsel

Internet2 staff liaison(s): Matthew Hall, Program Manager, External Relations; Danielle Rodier, Sr. Director, Government Relations
Member Affiliation Title
William Byers MOREnet (Missouri Research and Education Network Director of Strategic Initiatives
Jarret Cummings EDUCAUSE Director, Policy & External Relations
John Evans Evans Telecommunications Co. Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Tony Gibson University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Campus Executive Director for Federal Relations
Lev Gonick Arizona State University Chief Information Officer
Pamela Hollick CenturyLink, Inc. Associate General Counsel
Ilse Koning Surfnet BV Advisor Public Affairs
Timothy Lance NYSERNet, Inc. Chief Research Officer
Bruce Maas Internet2 Innovation Fellow/Emeritus Vice Provost
John Morabito Internet2 Vice President, External Relations, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary
Brian Nichols University of Kentucky CIO
George Thoma National Institutes of Health (NIH) Chief, Communications Engineering Branch
Doug Wasitis Indiana University Director of Federal Relations

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Community Engagement

Community Engagement (CE) PAG provides advice to Internet2 on community engagement and events, member programs, marketing and communications, giving input on benefits and the value of Internet2 membership.

The CE-PAG plays a key role in keeping Internet2 responsive and helping to ensure that we are "way out in front" in terms of the benefits and value proposition for Internet2 members.

Internet2 executive liaison: Ana Hunsinger, Vice President, Community Engagement

Internet2 executive liaison(s): David Gift, AVP, Community Engagement
Member Affiliation Title
Simeon Ananou University of Vermont Chief Information Officer
Mark Askren University of Nebraska - Lincoln Vice President of IT
Brice Bible SUNY (State University of New York) - University At Buffalo VP/CIO
Cortney Buffington KanREN (Kansas Research and Education Network) Executive Director
Deborah Dent Jackson State University CIO
Saira Hasnain University of Florida Associate CIO
Vince Kellen University of California - San Diego CIO
Sharon Pitt University of Delaware Vice President of Information Technologies
Carrie Rampp Franklin & Marshall College Vice President and CIO, Information Technology Services
Sam Segran Texas Tech University Vice President, Information Technology & CIO
John Suess University of Maryland - Baltimore County Vice President, Information Technology & CIO

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Internet2 NET+

The NET+ PAG provides community input and guidance to the creation and direction of our NET+ programs and services.  Comprised of leading academic member institutions as well as two regional program representatives, the group serves as the community body providing guidance on the size, makeup, technology standards, and financial objectives of the NET+ portfolio of services.

Internet2 executive liaison:  David Gift, Associate Vice President, Community Engagement

Internet2 staff liaison(s): Elaine Alejo, Executive Assistant to Vice President, T& I /NET+ Services
Member Affiliation Title
Michael Corn University of California - San Diego CISO
David Gift Internet2 AVP, Community Engagement
Loren Malm Ball State University Interim Vice President, Information Technology
Michele L. Norin Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Tracy Schroeder Boston University VP for Information Services & Technology
John Suess University of Maryland - Baltimore County Vice President, Information Technology & CIO
Denis Walsh OARnet (Ohio Academic Resources Network) Chief Relationship Officer
Brad Wheeler Indiana University Vice President, Information Technology & Chief Information Officer
Sue Workman Case Western Reserve University VP University Technology/CIO

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Network Architecture, Operations and Policy (NAOP)

The NAOPpag provides strategic advice to Internet2 executive leadership on all aspects of designing, operating, sustaining and coordinating advanced network services that support the requirements and aspirations of the Internet2 community for advanced global end-to-end network capabilities.

Internet2 executive liaison: Rob Vietzke, Vice President, Network Services

Internet2 staff liaison(s): Kathleen Kay, Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Network Services; Linda Roos, Sr. Director, Service Implementation & Retention
Member Affiliation Title
Celeste Anderson University of Southern California Director, Network Engineering and Communications Infrastructure
Melody Childs Texas A&M University Vice President for Information Technology and CIO
James Deaton GPN (Great Plains Network) Executive Director
Gwendolyn Huntoon KINBER (Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education & Research) President and CEO
Harvey Newman Caltech (California Institute of Technology) Professor of Physics
Michele L. Norin Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
William Owens NYSERNet, Inc. Chief Technology Officer
James Stewart UETN (Utah Education Telehealth Network) Chief Technology Officer- UEN Technical Services
Scott Valcourt University of New Hampshire Director, Strategic Technology
Robert Vietzke Internet2 Vice President, Network Services
Marc Wallman North Dakota State University - Main Campus Vice President Information Technology
Rodney Wilson Ciena Corporation Chief Technologist, Research Networks

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External Advisory Group for Research and Engagement (EAG)

The EAG is constituted to work on the development of an integrated national plan for assisting Internet2 member campuses with deployment and support of campus cyberinfrastructure and its users.

Internet2 executive liaisons: Ana Hunsinger, VP Community Engagement; Rob Vietzke, VP Network Services; Jim Bottum, Internet2 Presidential Fellow; John Moore, AVP Network Architecture & Planning

Internet2 staff liaison(s): Cathy Chaplin, Program Coordinator; Dale Finkelson, Sr. Program & Services Manager, Network Services; John Hicks, Network Research Engineer; Gail Krovitz, Community Engagement Manager; Karl Newell, Cyberinfrastructure Security Engineer
Member Affiliation Title
Thomas Barton University of Chicago Sr Consultant for Cyber Security and Data Privacy
Jim Bottum Internet2 Internet2 Presidential Fellow
Dana Brunson Oklahoma State University - Main Campus Asst. VP Res. CI; Dir. OSU High Performance Computing Center
Eli Dart ESnet (DOE Office of Science - Energy Sciences Network) Network Engineer
Maureen Dougherty University of Southern California Director, High Performance Computing and Communications
Jill Gemmill Clemson University CTO Middleware
Sandra Gesing University of Notre Dame Research Assistant Professor
Thomas Hauser University of Colorado - Boulder Director of Research Computing
Ana Hunsinger Internet2 Vice President, Community Engagement
Gwendolyn Huntoon KINBER (Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education & Research) President and CEO
Gwen Jacobs University of Hawaii - Manoa Director, Cyberinfrastructure
Timothy Lance NYSERNet, Inc. Chief Research Officer
Jen Leasure The Quilt President & CEO
Charles McMahon Tulane University VP IT / Chief Technology Officer
Marla Meehl UCAR / NCAR (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research) Manager, Networking UCAR/NCAR, FRGP/BISON
John Moore Internet2 Associate Vice President, Research and Infrastructure Strategy
Jennifer Schopf Indiana University Director, International Networks
David Swanson University of Nebraska - Lincoln Director, Holland Computing Center
Robert Vietzke Internet2 Vice President, Network Services
Von Welch Indiana University Director
Karen Wetzel EDUCAUSE Director, Working and Constituent Groups
James von Oehsen Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Associate Vice President, Office of Advanced Research Computing

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