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R&E-igniting Innovation - Internet2 Is Us!

Jim Bottum, Clemson CIO and Vice Provost for Computing and IT and Internet2 Presidential Fellow, tells how Internet2 community technology is putting research and education back in the driver’s seat.

As Bottum says, “Let’s start steering into a new future where we’ll do things differently.”

What’s needed first and foremost aren’t individual technical solutions

Former Internet2 CEO David Lambert on partnering with U.S. universities to retain the technology lead

With nearly $100 million in recent funding, Internet2 has deployed one of the most sophisticated collaboration platforms the world has ever seen. The Internet2 Network can transmit data at the rate of 100 gigabits per second to support research and education (R&E). This new network operates at such a high speed that it could transmit the entire printed holdings of the Library of Congress* (approximately 420 terabytes of data) in under nine hours—compared to five weeks for the same transfer on a better-than-average residential connection.

And yet, while our community is building the world’s fastest network to support the growing demands of R&E communities, we also understand that what’s needed first and foremost aren’t individual technical solutions, but a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end network, cloud, and trust and identity capabilities that allow our community to work in new ways. We also understand that we—the leaders in higher education, industry and government—must fundamentally change how we work together to discover, deploy and define not only new technologies and applications, but the very educational and economic models that will enable a new generation of R&E to flourish.

*Library of Congress Web Archiving FAQs