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Strategic Leadership

  • Future of the University: Fostering the Right Connections

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s President, Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, discusses how Big Data and the Internet of Things are key for universities to advance human connections and extend global invention and innovation.

  • Advanced Technology: R&E’s Strategic Advantage

    In this recent interview, Michael McRobbie, President of Indiana University and Chair of Internet2’s Board of Trustees, highlights the Internet2 community’s special role as enabler of global, multidisciplinary research and education.

  • Strategic Leadership

    How should the research and education community respond to the challenges of globalization, large-scale, distributed science, “big data,” and increasing funding pressures?

    By taking the lead. The Internet2 community believes that we have something relevant to say to today’s world, that we really can make a difference. We’ve done it before, after all. And we’re still committed to our research, education and service missions—no matter what the challenges.

Now is not the time to sit back

Massive changes abound in higher education: the technology platforms, the pedagogy, the globalization, and the funding models. The ways educational and research missions were supported in the past simply don’t work today. There are too many costs, too much overhead, too much administration. Single institutions can no longer afford to just order a dedicated technology box, install it and configure it. But great opportunities do exist today to create customized technology solutions that meet the unique needs of research and education (R&E). Solutions that scale—not just institutionally, but nationally and globally.

Today, the Internet2 community is applying the same principles that created the advanced Internet2 Network to cloud, trust and identity, and other enabling applications to meet next-level challenges. Through strategic Internet2 initiatives such as the Innovation Platform, Internet2 NET+, and Trust & Identity in Education, leaders in higher education, industry and government work together to discover, deploy and define new technologies and applications that have the power to create new educational and economic models. From executives and administrators, to scientists and application developers, to network engineers and IT managers, the Internet2 community is activating leaders to innovate next-generation solutions for the R&E community that will enhance competitiveness and create new, lasting benefits across the globe. Again.