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Community Driven

R&E: Better Solutions Powered by Community

Dave Lambert, former Internet2 president and CEO, talks about the power of the unparalleled Internet2 community.

Internet2 is an exceptional community of U.S. and international leaders in research, academia, industry and government who collaborate via innovative technologies.

Better solutions lie in the power of community

The Internet2 community is uniquely positioned to enable leaders in research, academia, industry and government to pursue innovations that support their organizational missions: accelerating research discovery, advancing national and global education and improving the delivery of public services. These innovations both serve and are powered by our community, which includes talented network engineers, application developers, and technology architects working together toward a common purpose.

The Internet2 community, the network, cloud, and trust and identity solutions are all fundamentally intertwined. Internet2 was built on the strong relationships of members who envisioned—and ultimately delivered—a different future by connecting R&E institutions over advanced networks they built and operated to meet their unique needs. By working together toward a common purpose, they achieved much more than any could have done on their own.

“There is no corporation on the face of the earth with the ability to drive the level of innovation the research and education community can.”

—Dave Lambert,
Former Internet2 President and CEO

It’s this kind of collaborative power that higher education leaders and senior executives of research organizations can leverage as members of Internet2, gaining the strategic insights and resources they need to keep their organizations on the leading edge of technology—at a value much greater than most commercial offerings. Internet2 belongs to our members and exists to ensure that they achieve their goals.