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Executive Insights

Complexity simplified

Just about every aspect of research and education now relies on computers and networks. As a result, the scope and complexity of the decisions now facing senior executives responsible for managing the technology needs of their institutions and forecasting future services has increased tremendously. These strategic insights can help you sort through some of the most pressing issues facing today’s higher education leaders.


History of Excellence

The Internet2 community has touched nearly every major computing innovation that defines our modern digital lives, from text messaging to the Internet itself. A look at how our member-led organization has shaped—and continues to shape—history.

Strategic Leadership

Higher education is going through massive change and old business models simply can’t accomplish today’s global educational and research missions. How can Internet2 help your organization succeed today, as well as position itself for success tomorrow? Consider these strategic resources, and where they could lead.

Technology Advantage

Our 100 gigabit-per-second network not only delivers reliable production services for high-performance needs, but creates a powerful experimental platform for the development of new applications. But there’s a lot more to it than speed. What good is fast if you can’t reach the people and resources you really need? Our community offers technology enabling and collaborating advantages, too—not just fast pipes. Read on.

Community Driven

In addition to over 450 member institutions—leading universities, corporations, government research agencies and not-for-profit networking organizations—the broader Internet2 community includes nearly 100,000 institutions across the U.S. and international networking partners representing more than 100 countries. And what they can accomplish is a lot.

Next-Generation Solutions

Combine our community’s unique, high-performance network infrastructure with its growing global ecosystem of trust and identity solutions, and the boundaries of today’s Internet begin to disappear. Enabling new globally collaborative business models as well as the most extreme research, development and experimentation, our community is imagining and building solutions that will make make a difference to the next generation.

End-to-End Research Support

Whether it’s developing a strategic technical roadmap for your organization, establishing trusted connections to the resources and collaborators you depend on, or launching into new areas of research, the Internet2 community provides crucial support, partnering with you to help you fulfill your most important research, education and service missions.