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Research Support Center

  • XSEDENet: Advanced Network Advancing Discovery

    XSEDE, a virtual computing system designed specifically to enable collaborative science, boosted its data capacity to 100GE by overlaying its network on top of the Internet2 Network. The new infrastructure provides the most advanced interconnection available for the global scientific community. Read more

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  • Research Support Center

    We know that research can have its frustrations. In fact, sometimes research can be about everything but research. That's why we’re offering to work hand-in-hand with you to help you meet your research goals. In fact, helping you reach—and surpass—your goals is our goal.

    What does this mean in terms of real support for your real research needs? How can you put the power of the Internet2 community behind your project? Read about our commitment and our services below. Then get in touch with us at!

Need research support? You're in the right place.

The Internet2 Research Support Center will:

  • Work with your research community to understand your needs and requirements—then effectively integrate Internet2 community infrastructure and services into your own applications and environments;
  • Provide network engineering, planning and pricing for your project and proposal development;
  • Collaborate with our community to anticipate research needs as part of the Internet2 infrastructure and service development process;
  • Foster network infrastructure and service research that can be incubated, tested and deployed to better support scientific research in general;
  • Help members secure research funding.

This support is provided through a range of research support services:

Other Resources for Researchers

Advanced Network Services

Advanced services delivered over the Internet2 Network offer a dynamic, innovative and cost-effective environment especially designed to power a new generation of networking discovery and deliver next-generation production and development infrastructure and services to the research and education community. Researchers can take advantage of unprecedented scalability to manage resources efficiently and meet the bandwidth-intensive requirements of the entire range of collaborative applications—videoconferencing to global-scale distributed research, grid-based data analysis to social networking.

Internet2 Performance Initiative

The goal of the Performance Initiative is to create a predictable, well-supported environment for advanced Internet applications by encouraging the development and delivery of resources that enable end-to-end performance problem detection and resolution across campus, regional and national networking infrastructures.

Cloud Services & Applications (Internet2 NET+)

Internet2 provides a wide range of “above the network” services, from production and development to enabling middleware and advanced applications. Visit Cloud Services & Applications for a list of current services of interest to the research community.

Research Projects and Collaborations

On the human side of the equation, Internet2 actively supports our community's pioneer developments and collaborations in areas ranging from research projects using overlay networks to collaborations in middleware, security and performance measurement. Peruse the many available communities and groups if you're in a collaborative mood.