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Hosted Research Program

The Internet2 Hosted Research program allows for the opportunity to deploy, experiment, and observe in-progress research on the Internet2 Network for a limited period of time. The program goals are to characterize ongoing research and foster an environment that leads to the creation of fully vested products for use in the greater networking community. Network research projects can test their protocols, algorithms, and code on our experimental test bed before deploying on permanent network infrastructures. Below is a summary of the project components, along with the process for submitting a proposal to the program.

Program Components

The Internet2 Hosted Research Program facilitates the deployment of software and hardware, purpose-built for a specific research project, within the Internet2 Network points of presence. Deployment could mean:

  • Installation of a supported (and technology secure) software component
  • Gathering of specific network data
  • Configuration of a hardware component

Costs to Researchers

The research project must cover any capital and additional out-of-pocket expenses incurred as part of the project, including any regional or campus costs associated with connection of hardware. Costs may include:

  • Connection fees, if dedicated networking is required
  • Incremental colocation space and power for dedicated hardware
  • Incremental installation costs for dedicated hardware

Internet2 requires that administrative access (e.g., "root") be given to all machines placed on the network. Engineering assistance for the installation of software will not incur costs, provided that the researcher is available to support the installation and configuration process fully. Internet2's Research Support Group will work with prospective projects to identify associated costs.

Process for Requesting Resources

The researcher must submit a proposal to Internet2 detailing the research project and the specific resource(s) requested from Internet2. A template file is available (Word document), and requests should be submitted via email to The following information is required:

  • The PI(s) and participating institution(s),
  • Proposed project, including an abstract delineating the plan for deploying these resources within the project
  • List of requested resources
  • List of project-provided resources (as needed)
  • Colocation requirements (as needed)
  • Timeline and milestones
  • Expected outcomes
  • Discussion on ways the research data will be shared (e.g., conferences, presentations, etc.)
  • Permission to share information (or request to keep results confidential)

Researchers must confirm their agreement with these conditions and should allow up to 3 weeks for formal review/approval.

Review criteria will include the project's scientific merit and likely impact (in terms of numbers of participating collaborators and disciplines), availability of Internet2 resources to host, and the impact and value to the community. Technical review of the proposal will include evaluation of risks related to security, privacy and resource longevity.

Internet2 encourages sharing results in peer-reviewed publications. Apart from this, each researcher will be required to submit a final report on the status and findings of their research. A template is available (Word document). This report is due no later than 60 days after the experiments have ended. Special consideration will be given to researchers aiming for use of results in peer reviewed publications; a delay in reporting can be requested and all results shared with Internet2 will be treated as confidential if required. Publications resulting from the research must credit use of the Internet2 Hosted Research Program. Prior to the completion of the use period, the researcher may submit for review a proposal to extend the use period for a specified time if required.

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