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LoLa Demonstration at the New York State Distance Learning Consortium

LoLa Demonstration at the New York State Distance Learning Consortium
May 10, 2018 Albany, NY

At the New York State Distance Learning Consortium meeting in Albany, New York, musicians hundreds of miles apart played together thanks to a super high-speed, low-latency audio and video connection, or LoLa. Musicians have long played for one another over a high-latency audio and video connection, but the long delay prevented them from doing anything close to playing with one another via video conference.

Playing simultaneously over video had never been a possibility--until LoLa. For the event, the Greater Southern Tier Board of Cooperative Educational Services (GST BOCES), NYSERNet, and Greg Miske collaborated to showcase three distinct LoLa connections in a single hour time slot. The musical match-ups highlighted the simultaneity of a LoLa connection. From Albany, music teacher Laura Moore first conducted her choir in Prattsburgh, NY. Then, over another LoLa connection, she sang accompanied by a pianist at the Manhattan School of Music, and, over another, she performed percussion pieces with musicians at the Cleveland Institute of Music. Laura Moore was impressed with LoLa. “For at least tens years, since my first use of video conference, I’ve dreamt of my students performing simultaneously with remote professionals. LoLa accomplishes that and I am thrilled to implement more!”