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High School Students Play with ASU Orchestra, Thanks to LoLa

April 10, 2018

On April 10, the Paradise Valley high school band beamed into the ASU Gammage Auditorium for a live performance with the ASU orchestra. Conductor Dr. Jason Caslor used LoLa (Low Latency) technology, coupled with Arizona’s very low latency Sun Corridor Network, and the national Internet2 Network, to virtually conduct Paradise Valley high school students to play along with the ASU orchestra, even though they were physically 25 miles apart.  

“The project opened up doors to so many possibilities, limited only by our imagination on how we can use it to create rich and meaningful experiences for our students.” says Norm Pratt, Paradise Valley’s Director of Fine Arts. Sun Corridor Network Executive Director Michael Sherman echoed those sentiments. “Paradise Valley and ASU are among the few institutions in the country to deploy LoLa and collaborate like this.  It is a thrill for us to see the unique characteristics of our network being used to enhance collaboration and education. We look forward to seeing what other applications can benefit from LoLa.”