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Classrooms Collaborate in Real-Time with LoLa

November 2017

In a first-of-its-kind pilot, students from the Chattanooga Center for Creative Arts (CCA) performed a choreographed dance in one location to music composed and performed by Red Bank Elementary 5th graders. Using mobile-friendly LoLa nodes designed for classroom use, one classroom danced while the other played. Lindsey Frost Dodson, Program Director for the Mozilla Foundation, said “[Students are] really able to do things together-- to actively participate together, whether it be on a dance project or an art project or even a science project, they’re able to engage and create together in really interesting ways across geographies.”

Using LoLa was intimidating at first, but everything went smoothly. Jessica Bowman, dance faculty at CCA, said, “I think I anticipated that the technology piece might be more stressful than it was. The technology piece was easier than I thought it was going to be, and that was a really nice surprise.”

“I think [LoLa is] hugely empowering for teachers. I think that, if we presented this idea and kind of told this story to teachers, they would have endless future ideas and applications for this technology,” said teacher Claire Stockman. “I see this as an endless opportunity for teachers and students.”