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URN:MACE Request Form

Use this form to request a namespace under the "urn:mace" namespace administered by MACE. Upon completion of the form send it via email to mace-submit at

NOTE: As of 2015, MACE encourages the use of URLs in preference to URNs. See here for more information.


requested namespace ID (must be lower-case ASCII):
requesting organization name:
requesting organization URL (homepage):
requesting person(s) contact information:

  • name and email:
  • job title
  • postal mailing address:
  • daytime phone:

organizational contact person(s): (if requesting person is also the organizational contact person, please provide a secondary contact, and note that this is the case. The intent is to identify an organizational home for the namespace authority in addition to the registrant him/herself.)

NOTE: if you do include a secondary contact, please CC him/her when you e-mail your namespace request.

  • name and email:
  • job title:
  • postal mailing address:
  • daytime phone:

URL of requested namespace documentation site:
intended purpose of requested namespace:

By submission of this request, the organizational contact asserts that he/she has read the MACE URN procedures and policies as described, and that the organization accepts its responsibilities as a registrant. In particular this requires confirmation of continued participation as a registrant on a regular basis. The submitter also permits MACE/Internet2 to publish information about its registration on the urn:mace registry page.