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Performance & Analytics

Optimizing your network investment

Internet2 has the performance monitoring tools to help network engineers quickly identify service problems across national and international networks. The Internet2 community helped lead the collaborative effort to develop one of the industry’s most popular tools for end-to-end monitoring and troubleshooting of network resources, perfSONAR, which is currently deployed in more than 100 locations around the world.


Deepfield Analytics Service

This new cloud intelligence solution allows Internet2 higher education members to track, model and visualize their use of the Internet2 Network. Both predefined and custom reports are available to help inform network, traffic and cloud decisions, and provide information for grant applications, statutory reporting requirements, and a variety of other needs.

Performance Assurance Service

Carrying on Internet2’s tradition of transparent operation, the Performance Assurance Service gives members visibility into network service performance and availability metrics, providing a framework for operational monitoring of network services, including hard and soft failures of the network, high- and low-level services, circuit provisioning and NET+ cloud solution access.

Performance Tools

These dependable tools enable the installation, configuration, and management of performance monitoring software—available as both source code and binary packages in the RPM format. (A single, easy to install package is used to configure your CentOS 5 based Linux system to access software downloads.)