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Service Type:
Software as a Service
Service Validation
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Matthew Buss

User Performance Management with Nyansa’s Voyance

By combining big data network analytics, cloud-computing and machine learning technologies, User Performance Management (UPM) systems are able to constantly analyze and correlate all wired data, wireless metrics, device, applications and WAN data to understand important patterns and trends impacting user network performance from virtually any vantage point across the access infrastructure. 

Requiring no client software, agents, sensors of intrusive hardware, new UPM platforms constantly stare at the network, watching and learning the behavior of every client transactions up and down the stack as they happen, storing this data historically to identify larger patterns and trends that emerge. And deployment is brain-dead simple.  Here is how it works.

All this data is then analyzed, correlated, and securely sent to a backend cloud analytics engine where customers interact with the application. As a simple SaaS service, schools have instant insights to network service and application performance as well as device behavior across the entire network. 

This radically reduces the costly and cumbersome time IT staff take in finding and fixing client network incidents.  For cloud-averse institutions, UPM platforms, like Voyance, are also available as an on premise or private cloud option.

Moreover new UPM technology proactively provides a recommended list of precise configuration actions that network managers can take to fix specific client incidents or systemic infrastructure problems impacting user performance across the entire infrastructure. 

In other words, the network can now talk back to network managers, telling them where to look, what to fix, how to fix it and the actual impact a fix will have with respect to recovering the most lost hours of client connectivity. This represents a major leap in transforming network operations from a cost to a profit center. Moreover, Voyance enables industry benchmarking which allows an institution’s IT team determine where there doing well and where they need to improve against their peers, which is all done anonymously. 

Because everything is examined and analyzed from the user perspective, UPM systems quickly understand how pervasive any network issue is and, if fixed, how big the benefit will be.

By pinpointing client incidents at every point of the user network journey, UPM platforms have the added benefits of making existing management and monitoring tools more useful by eliminating the cumbersome task of searching through data from different tools to figure out what's going on. 

A welcome departure from endless hours of reactive network firefighting, new user performance management technology promises to transform IT workflows to help organizations get a better grip on how users are actually experiencing the network and ensure the highest possible productivity.


Voyance Features Include:

  • User Application Analytics
  • Full Stack Correlation
  • Service Baselining
  • Actionalble Answers
  • Cloud Sourcing
  • Comparative Benchmarking
  • Effortless Deployment
  • Predictive Planning

General Participantion in NET+ Voyance

Once NET+ Voyance successfully comes out of the Service Validation phase, it will enter the Early Adopter phase.  At that point, elidgible institutuions will be able to subscribe to the service through the work done in service validation.  Please check back here regularly for updates.  Thank you.


Voyance at Educause 2017

Booth - Nyansa will be at booth 225 for this year's Educause Conference in Philadelphia.

Private Suite Meetings - You can schedule private meetings with Nyansa this year to fit your schedule while at Educause.  The following URL can be used to RSVP for a particular date and time.

Dinner Event - You are invited on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 while at Educause to attend a dinner hosted by Nyansa from 7 PM to 10 PM located at the Sky Garden, West Room and Balcony.  An RSVP is required.  For additional Information, please contact

Educause Exhibitor Listing - Here is a direct link to Nyansa's Exhibitor Listing for more information.

Educause Exhibitor Floor Plan - Here is a direct link to the Educause Exhibitor Floor Plan as published by Educause.