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Viewme Fees

Simultaneous UsersInstallation FeesAnnual SubscriptionClient AccessMeeting Rooms
500$0 up to 3 instances$5,000Unlimited Unlimited
1000$0 up to 3 instances$7,500Unlimited Unlimited
1500$0 up to 3 instances$10,000Unlimited Unlimited
2000$0 up to 3 instances$12,500Unlimited Unlimited
2500$0 up to 3 instances$15,000Unlimited Unlimited

This Internet2 NET+ offer is for on-premise deployment of our software and is provided in an "Unlimited Self Hosted Instance" (USHI). The offer requires upfront subscription payment which includes the following:

  • Subscription Based: Subscriptions are based on the concurrent number of connected participants in all meetings running on your service. This is expressed as "simultaneous users". Simultaneous users (otherwise referred to as virtual ports) represent the number of concurrent connections for participants in all meetings at a given time. As soon as a participant leaves a meeting the virtual port becomes available to another participant, in the same meeting or an entirely different one. The subscription term is one year and may be renewed annually.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: Each member university will receive free installation and the ability to deploy multiple distributed instances within their data centers. This will distribute the meeting traffic between systems and/or sites.
  • Unlimited Clients: The professional client is supported on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux and may be downloaded at Mobile clients for Android and iOS may be downloaded from their respective stores. Internet2 members may download up to 5000 clients at no charge. Client downloads above 5000 will be charged back to the university at $0.20 per download. Browser only video collaboration (WebRTC) has been integrated into the ViewMe architecture for future releases and can be utilized at no charge. H.323 and SIP connections are supported.
  • Individual Meeting Rooms: Establish permanently branded individual meeting rooms for every user and virtual permanent recurring meeting rooms for departments. Meeting rooms can only be assigned to staff, faculty, or students of subscribed Internet2 NET+ ViewMe participants.
  • Application Integration: REST APIs are included for the purpose of integrating ViewMe with existing services, portals, and apps (i.e. LMS). Basic functional areas include: meeting creation and configuration, editing of schedule and running meetings, and reporting and data management.
  • Training and Installation: Participating institutions will receive professional services support for initial installation (up to three instances, $500/instance thereafter) and administrator training. Participating institutions will receive end user materials including videos and handouts which may be re-branded for individual end user training.

Please try NET+ ViewMe for yourself with our free offer!