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Eligible Subscribers:
Not-for-profit institutions of higher education in the U.S., not-for-profit K-12 schools, libraries, research institutions, or museums.
Arizona State University
Sean O'Brien

Expand the reach, richness, and retention of your educational programs with personal telepresence service from NET+ Vidyo delivered by IDSolutions.

NET+ Vidyo delivered by IDSolutions is a fully featured collaboration solution that delivers video, audio and content collaboration and conferencing with streaming and recording capabilities for desktops, mobile and room-based video endpoints. The off-the-shelf applications and products feature an intuitive user interface that is accessed within the cloud, but unlike other NET+ offerings, it supports a flexible deployment model to optimize call routing based on specific use cases. By installing software based instances of infrastructure elements either on-premise or in the cloud, IDSolutions provides the flexibility to optimize your WAN resources while adhering to your existing deployment methodologies. The service features a concurrent licensing model that allows you to purchase a set number of licenses to be used across a broad user based. This offers the flexibility to size the deployment to your immediate needs and lets you scale on-demand rather than requiring you to purchase a site license based upon total student population. This service is also white-glove; we provide equipment installation, turn-up, user training and adoption services and level 2/3 support so that you can focus on internal promotion.


Arizona State University selects Vidyo to enable virtual classrooms.

Vidyo powers a virtual science field trip.

Video conferencing in the classroom of the future.

Service Provider

IDSolutions (IDS) is a full-service video integrator, recently ranked by System Contractor News (SCN) as #44 in the national top 50 and awarded the Excellence in Business Award for Growth Strategies for our cloud-based solution offerings. Recognized by the World Economic Forum as a technology pioneer, Vidyo delivers the highest quality video, audio and content conferencing and collaboration platform that performs reliably over variable public networks and end user devices using Vidyo or third party endpoints or as an integrated component of workflow applications and webportals via VidyoWorks™ APIs. In summary, the service is: 

  • Based on Vidyo technology
  • Offered on the Internet2 backbone as part of the NET+ service family 
  • Delivered, administered and supported by IDSolutions 


NET+ Vidyo delivered by IDSolutions fits the needs of the educational community by providing a turn-key video conferencing, streaming and recording platform designed to help staff, guests and students collaborate effortlessly and more effectively. Packages available for as few as 25 concurrent licenses and scale to the thousands.

Our NET+ offering provides the following features and benefits:

  • Click-to-Connect – face-to-face collaboration is just a click away using Vidyo’s universal meeting invitations sent from the calendar and email tools already in use.
  • Browser-based Guest Access – non-credentialed guests can join conferences simply from within their browsers using VidyoWeb™for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Mobile that Performs on Variable Devices and Networks – thanks to Vidyo’s patented adaptive technology, mobile device users can expect consistent high quality over WiFi and 4G networks. With more than 70 supported mobile devices you can be sure of broad compatibility across your entire user group 
  • Rich UC Desktop Capability – Vidyo Desktop™ chat feature allows for sending private (individual) or public (group) messages while in a virtual meeting room. Leverage presence information to add participants on the fly or the active contact list to remotely control a Far End Camera Controllable camera. 
  • Rich Content Collaboration – multiple users can share documents, media, websites, etc. concurrently and right from their desktops, tablets or group systems on-demand without having to upload to a shared location. Using the VidyoSlate™ app on a tablet, users can view and annotate shared content as well as whiteboard, leveraging the device’s multi-touch interface for natural drawing. This allows true real-time collaboration.
  • Scale meetings to any size – ideal for both ad-hoc and scheduled meetings where participants might be joining from a variety of devices such as laptops, iPads, desktop, mobile and room-based systems 
  • Simple Self-service Group Solutions – with Exchange® calendar integration, scheduling and join conferences from groups systems has become a one-click operation, making it easy for the most technically challenged users to become self-sufficient in the conference room.
  • Simple and Flexible Conference Moderation – the meeting host or anyone of the host’s choosing can moderate the conference and control participant audio and video, add and remove participants, lock the meeting room, start recording, or end the conference via an intuitive web interface.
  • Robust Security - everything you need to keep your communication safe and secure including end-to-end encryption for media and signaling, the ability to create and change PIN codes for conferences as well as lock virtual meeting rooms once conference is underway.
  • SAML/Shibboleth access – provides a universal and secure cloud-based access mechanism 
  • Recording, playback and streaming ability – users can record, stream and playback previously recorded assets on-demand through an intuitive user interface
  • Full Interoperability with legacy H.323 systems– our bridging capabilities allow you to connect legacy devices such as Polycom, Cisco/Tandberg, Lifesize and more to any user’s virtual meeting room 
  • Integration with Workflow Apps via API – need a custom client or to integrated the Vidyo solution inside of a workflow app or web portal? No problem. The VidyoWorks™ platform has an incredibly rich suite of APIs to enable you to use Vidyo wherever and whenever it makes the most sense for your users. 

Special Features

  • The first is our concurrent licensing model that allows for over subscription and makes the service truly affordable for department level deployment. With a 50:1 oversubscription model at the lowest tier (Tier 1), a 25 concurrent license package is just $1 per license per month. As you move up through the license tiers the price drops to about .50 per license per month. 
  • The second feature is our community license pool for Tier 4 and higher subscribers. IDSolutions provides a shared pool of licenses that can be used in conjunction with your purchased licenses for a variety of uses such as MOOC’s, teacher-student meetings, research collaboration and more. This further reduces your total cost while easily doubling the number of your available licenses. 

Included Applications

  • Unlimited video conferencing use
  • Desktop, laptop and mobile clients
  • VidyoSlate for collaboration
  • Full user and directory management
  • Lync and Sametime plug-ins


  • IDSolutions offers a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) that was developed in cooperation with the Healthcare and Educational community along with Internet2 to enable HIPPA-compliant usage. This option is offered to all NET+ Vidyo/IDSolutions customers.Our NET+ service is hosted right alongside the Internet2 POP with geographically separated, enterprise-grade backup data centers across the US. Each data center provides 99.9% network uptime along with on-site security and 24x7x365 monitoring. A fully redundant internal storage cluster is used for storage of sensitive data behind an enterprise-grade firewall. Internet and Internet2 backbones each have redundant pathways.

  • All data is AES encrypted with SSL from client to server to ensure the most secure offering in the NET+ service suite. 
  • Unlike other services that leverage file uploads to share content, our NET+ offering shares content right from your desktop to ensure 100% security. The same is true for recorded content; a dedicated appliance that resides on the customer’s premise is used to ensure privacy and permissions to access content are tied directly into the directory services application. 

FERPA, HIPAA and Grant Requirements

  • IDSolutions offers a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) that was developed in cooperation with the Healthcare and Educational community along with Internet2 to enable HIPPA-compliant usage. This option is offered to all NET+ Vidyo/IDSolutions customers.


  • The NET+ service is a perfect fit for grants such as RUS and we can provide access to a grant writer on that can help you with your grant application.


Please contact for pricing information.


Have a question about Internet2 NET+ Vidyo that wasn't answered through our menu options? Take a few moments to browse through our frequently asked questions. Click a question (or the preceding plus sign) to view its answer; click again to hide it. Click Show all to view all the answers at once. And feel free to email us if you have a question that's not answered here.

What is the partnership with Internet2 and Vidyo?

Internet2 is the backbone for the service while Vidyo is the infrastructure. IDSolutions will provision the service, supply all necessary components and maintain the entire solution including Tier 2 and 3 help desk support.

What is a virtual meeting room?

A virtual room is just like having your own personal meeting space in the Internet2 cloud, complete with a lock, privacy shade and access code. You own the room and can meet with other users and guests for as long and as often as you'd like.

How many participants are allowed per virtual room?

Each room allows unlimited participants to join a meeting. Since an unlimited number faces on a screen might look a bit weird, a voice detection feature will keep the 8 users who spoke last on the active display. As new users speak they will take one of the 8 active spots.

How does the licensing work?

Unlike more restrictive NET+ services, ours uses a concurrent user licensing model that is both flexible and cost effective. You set up any number of users with system credentials that will share a pre-purchased number of licenses from a pool. Start a conference and a license is taken from the pool; finish the meeting and the license is returned. It is that simple.

How many licenses do I need to purchase?

Our NET+ offering does not force you to purchase licenses based on FTE (Full Time Enrollment). Tiered license packs start as small as 25 concurrent licenses that can be assigned to any type of user - faculty, general staff, students, etc.

What is the shared community pool?

All I2 members who purchase a Tier 4 (or higher) license pack are provided membership into a community license pool. The license pool can be used for special events such as MOOCs, guest lectures, research projects and more.

How does the shared community pool grow?

The shared pool grows as additional users sign up for the service (Tier 4 or higher) through IDS contributions. For example, if a school signs up for Tier 4 service (300 licenses), IDS will contribute 30 licenses (10%) to the pool. The current size of the shared license pool is 200 licenses (as of Q2, 2014).

What is the value of a cloud-based video conferencing system?

Our NET+ hybrid service architecture provides the most efficient traffic optimization on the market; it keeps on-campus calls on the local network while intelligently routing off-campus calls over the Internet2 backbone. This minimizes bandwidth usage while providing the highest video quality possible for all conference participants.

Why should we subscribe to a service offering rather than host our own video conferencing solution?

The task of building an in-house video conferencing system is both costly and time consuming. Just the process of hiring video experts is a significant challenge. Chances are your school has many different existing video conferencing systems that all need to work together. Rather than trying to recruit in-house experts familiar with multiple vendors video equipment, IDSolutions can provide all the expertise required. We will train your existing staff on basic help desk questions but will handle all equipment upgrades, monitoring and trouble shooting.

What are some of the applications?

• Research collaboration • Virtual office hours for students • Interactive distance learning • Streamlined help desk services • Live guest speaker lectures • Massive open online courses (MOOCs) • Lecture capture, replay and streaming • Interactive online instruction • Virtual staff meetings • Continuing education • Alumni outreach • New student recruitment • Student thesis submissions

What are the advantages of this service?

• Improves communication and collaboration among students, staff and researchers • Performs across any network, device or application • Scales to any size conference • Customizable for any application or workflow • Adoption services to ensure deployment • Eliminate need for in-house video experts • A completely managed service • Concurrent licensing model • Community license pool

Visit the Overview tab for updates as they become available. Have a question not answered here? Send an email to


How to Participate

Please contact for more information!

Interested organizations can sign up now for a free trial by contacting Sandy on the NET+ Vidyo adoption team by clicking here: Flame NET+ Vidyo Trial Request ( To learn more about the Vidyo technology or VidyoWorks™ platform and API, contact Mark Noble (