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Splunk Use Case Matrix

Use case Description Solution University Contact Name
IT Policy alignment Distributed IT departments need to adhere to IU IT policies related to system logging and review Utilize Splunk dashboard that provides aggregated data for managed servers to aide in easy review and IT policy compliance Indiana University
Kelly Zimmerman
CAS reporting Management reporting for number of login attempts to Central Authentication Services Splunk application developed to ingest and report on logins per day over the course of a month. Indiana University
Kelly Zimmerman
Usage trending for web apps via CAS/Shibboleth CAS/Shibboleth are the gateway to web apps at many campuses, and we need a high-level view of the use of these services. We are using Splunk to get an integrated view CAS/Shibboleth logs, grouping apps based on service URL patterns. And if we have role data for username, then group by this data as well. Cal Poly
Ryan Matteson
Elminate NTLMv1 on campus Need to do this (among other things) to reach Bronze level on InCommon Create custom queries in Splunk University of Nebraska Lincoln
Dan Buser
Track user password lockouts across multiple authentication systems We have three primary authentication systems and need to track all of them Splunk the data from all three systems, create custom dashboards and reports. University of Nebraska Lincoln
Dan Buser
Determine effectiveness of notification features in a mobile app Our student portal mobile app has a feature that notifies students when they have an urgent matter they need to attend to, such as paying late tuition. Are they seeing the notification and taking action? Use Splunk to determine if students notice the notification. These analyses will help us determine if the design is effective in communicating important info to students via the app. University of Washington
Tom Lewis
Determine the effectiveness of the user experience and features in web apps We strive to develop web applications in-house that are simple, easy-to-use with features hat our users demand.  Are we successful? Use Splunk to examine application logs to understand how users navigate through an application, where they spend the most and least time, and which features are used.  This helps us enhance and improve  the feature set and user experience. University of Washington
Tom Lewis