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SkySync is an innovative software solution that enables organizations of all sizes to tightly-integrate any combination of cloud-based and/or on-site storage systems together in only minutes. It automatically manages the migration or synchronization of large volumes of files and the underlying associated data and data structures, across any connected storage platform without writing code, learning/deploying complex software, or engaging expensive 3rd party professional services.

Internet2 members who are also InCommon participants can add this valuable Internet2 NET+ SkySync storage system integration middleware to their membership for an additional fee. Other InCommon institutions of higher education (.edu) headquartered in the United States are also eligible to participate at a higher fee.

These institutions can take advantage of the NET+ SkySync program in three ways:

  1. NET+ SkySync Service Packages
  2. NET+ SkySync Ala-Carte Services
  3. NET+ SkySync Pilot Program for a free trial

Learn more about these offerings in the fees page or next steps to sign up on the participate page.

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SkySync empowers organizations with unparalleled storage agility; enabling them to sync, migrate, copy and organize files, folders, sites and/or entire file structures across systems in merely a few clicks while delivering a broad array of measurable business benefits. Browse our Features, Pricing and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)pages for more information. Then visit How To Participate for detailed information on how to sign up.

The Internet2 NET+ Box service is now generally available to all U.S. higher education institutions for production deployment. For details, read the press release.

NET+ SkySync Roadmap

Early university adopters have already leveraged SkySync, syncing 1000’s of Network Home Drives, SharePoint and other systems to their cloud storage platform including; Stanford Healthcare, Morehouse College and Argonne.

  • Incorporate Cloud storage anywhere/any device capabilities with existing systems.
  • Enables users to have access to files from all corporate storage systems.
  • Easily incorporate or move to the most cost-effective storage.
  • Easily consolidate or move to storage systems that meet functional or compliance (e.g.: HIPAA) requirements.
  • Storage systems that are part of a new acquisition can be integrated with existing systems (and information shared) in minutes.
  • Since SkySync can be installed, configured and operational in minutes, ROI is immediate.

Open to US higher ed institutions. Internet2 members receive additional discount.

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• Unlimited Number of Job pairs Refers to the maximum number of allowable Source to Destination Sync, Copy, Move and/or Publish jobs
• Sync, Migrate, Copy or Publish The various SkySync Job-types between any source and destination.
• Sync file-conflict resolution A configurable action to resolve a file-conflict within a Sync-job operation (e.g.: when a file is updated at both the Source and Destination between Sync-job runs).
• Track File re-names and moves Automatically tracks/updates file moves/re-names at both the source and destination.
• Auto File-Name Conform Automatically replaces/repairs unacceptable file-name characters or conventions to meet storage the destination platform's specific file-name acceptance criteria.
• Auto-zip Executables Automatically auto-zips files such as .exe and .msi to meet storage platform file acceptance requirements.
• Sync Document Versions Syncs current and all prior versions of documents between systems (manages both minor and major versions).

File Transfer Performance

• Simultaneous file transfers (Up to 32/Server) The maximum number of allowable file parallel read/write operations
• Smart throttling (TM) Automatically controls the number of file processing threads to optimize SkySync transfer performance based upon platform response codes
• Bandwidth Utilization Controls Maximum Network Bandwidth (in Kb/s) utilized by SkySync Job operations.
• File; Changes-only optimization For platforms that support it, reduces network traffic/calls by requesting only file-changes (adds/deletes) that have been made to the storage system(s).
• Allowable File Transfer Volume The maximum allowable license volume (in Terabytes) of files that may be Synced, Copied, Migrated, and/or Published (Per year).
• Hyper-transfer Access Pooling Designed to transfer up to 3m files/day. Pools multiple administrator connections (and their allotted parallel file thread-writes) together as a single entity (pool).

Enterprise Features/Modules

• Job Pre-run file Analyzer Analyses connectivity, statistics, and file details of the job prior to execution. Reports on files that will require file-name transformation, 0-byte files, files that may not be transferred due to platform restrictions (i.e.: source file-size exceeds the destination platform limit) as well as other file caveats.
• Diagnostics and Logging Admin-Definable system logging granularity; captures/logs background activities for all SkySync operations.
• Definable SMTP e-mail alerting Configurable: Alerts admins of completed and/or failed Job runs.
• File Filtering by File Type (.***) Both default and customizable. Filters files (either exclude or include only) by type such as; Windows .db/.lnk, executables, movie, image, etc.
• Advanced File Filtering (?) Configurable: Filters files by creation-date/date range, last-modified date/date range, file size, and/or metadata.
• Advanced Job Runtime Controls Can set up Job run-times within defined windows (e.g.: Run job only on weekends from 12:00 AM- 6:00 AM).
• Advanced Job Runtime Controls Can set up Job run-times within defined windows (e.g.: Run job only on weekends from 12:00 AM- 6:00 AM).
• Sync Audit Reporting Depicts all SkySync Job file changes at both the source and destination. Details all system and user file excluded/included and transfer activities since inception. Summary and Detail reports may be exported as .CSV files or as .PDF.
• Network Home-drive mapping Automates and self-maintains the linking (and SkySync job creation) of large Network File System (NFS) user-share accounts (home -drives) to other storage system accounts that support this function.
• Selective Folder Grouping Enables Admin's to "cherry-pick" subdirectories within a directory. Admin's may also configure further granularity by defining a common name folder type within the selected subdirectories.
• Metadata Mapping Maps/links extended metadata for systems that support it (e.g.: Map system A: (PO Number) to system B:(PO Num).
• User-Account Linking Links and maintains file ownership across systems during Sync-jobs.
(For platforms that support file ownership).
• OPTIONAL Permissions Mapping Bi-directionally maps user and group permissions for systems that support it

Cloud Connectors

• Autodesk
• Box Citrix
• ShareFile
• by Barracuda
• Dropbox
• Egnyte
• Google Apps
• Google Drive
• Hightail
• HP Cloud
• Huddle
• OneDrive
• OneDrive- for Business
• OpenStack
• Oracle Documents
• SharePoint Office365
• Syncplicity

On-Premises Connectors

• Desktop PC
• Network File Systems/SAN/NAS Any UNC-addressable storage
• SharePoint 2007
• SharePoint 2010
• SharePoint 2013
• Documentum
• OpenText
• Oracle WebCenter
• IBM/FileNet P8
• Alfresco

Cross-Platform File Search

• Sort Search Results (Searches across all connected platforms in one execution (a federated search). Results are delineated by system and can be sorted.
• Filter by System


SkySync stores connection information (ex. user name, password, url, unc, etc.) for some platforms encrypted in its database. This makes it important to secure the server running SkySync’s local file system to add additional protection to this information.

Cloud platforms, use other authentication mechanisms like OAuth2 and only present an access token to SkySync instead of allowing visibility into credentials. In general, SkySync does not control, edit, move, modify, or otherwise interact with security directly. SkySync acts as an external user to storage systems, interacting with them via their public API’s. 


NET+ SkySync Subscription


SkySync offers a higher education discounted rate and custom packages developed for the higher education community. Please contact for details.

NET+ SkySync Pilot Program


A pilot program option (Pilot Program) is available to Participants at a cost of zero dollars ($0). The following limitations apply to the Pilot Program:

  • Pilot Program period is limited to thirty (30) days.
  • Pilot Program is limited to up to 300GB of File Transfer/Sync.

If Participant chooses to deploy the SkySync Service as a Pilot Program, Service Provider will provide support necessary to deliver the Services outlined in this Service Schedule, subject to the above limitations. Should Participant wish to continue the Service beyond the Pilot Program period, Participant shall execute a new Order Form within ten (10) days before conclusion of the Pilot Program period to ensure service continuity. If a new Order Form is not executed before the conclusion of the Pilot Program period, Service Provider may, upon reasonable prior notice to Participant, disable the Services or otherwise cause the Services to cease functioning. The Pilot Program limitations shall be as described above unless otherwise agreed in writing by Service Provider and Internet2.


To subscribe to SkySync:

  1. Review the service offering and fees on the tabs above.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at:

  2. Review the Participation Agreement and Service Schedule
    • Note: NET+ agreements are developed by the community and may not be modified for an individual institution. Requests for changes based on state law requirements should be submitted with appropriate citations as part of the application process.
  3. Fill out the Application

    You will be required to fill out basic information and identify contact roles so we can get the agreement to you for signature

  4. Sign the NET+ Participation Agreement and Service Schedule as provided based on your application.
    • Note: Internet2 requires electronic signatures for legal contracts, unless state law mandates otherwise.


Does SkySync do anything to files?

No. SkySync does not open, change or modify any file.

Does SkySync store files or file-related information such as properties or metadata?

No. SkySync does not save or even cache files; it leverages your existing storage systems to store all files and file-related data.

If we decide to no longer use SkySync, does it have any impact on stored files or systems?

No. SkySync has no impact on your existing storage systems or files

How does SkySync access storage systems?

SkySync acts on your behalf. Most organizations provide elevated privileges (i.e.: An Admin or co-admin account) then assigns that account exclusively to the SkySync Service When storage systems are accessed, it leverages those credentials and remembers those settings.

How do I add a new storage system?

Simply click on the “Add Connection” button on the toolbar. The Add New Account window will open. Select the desired storage system and click OK, or you can also double-click on the Storage System icon. It's a simple 3 step process that takes less than a minute.

I don't see my storage system listed as a connector?

We are always adding new storage platforms. Have a suggestion? Please send us a note on your preferred storage system.

Is there a limit to the number of active storage connections?

No. You can connect to as many storage systems/sites as you like. For SharePoint, you can link to an unlimited number of Sites, Team Sites, or Site Collections.

How does SkySync keep my connections secure from my computer to my storage providers?

SkySync uses the same communication protocols your provider supports and is configured to use. Most cloud providers require secure connections via HTTPS, API keys, and protocols like OAuth before they allow SkySync to access your storage. SharePoint for example, supports both HTTP and HTTPS with various options like Windows Integrated Security.

How does SkySync protect my passwords while adding a connection?

SkySync encrypts your password then stores it on your Server/Workstation where it is protected by your operating system security.

Does SkySync impact existing document security?

No. SkySync does not override any security definitions within your existing systems. Your existing definitions remain in place.