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Eligible Subscribers:
Internet2 Higher Education members, research-related Internet2 Affiliate members, or non-members that would fall into either the Higher Education ro Affiliate member categories.
University of Washington
Matthew Buss

Make It Easier for the Campus to Focus on Learning and Research

You want to deliver better student experiences and help facilitate groundbreaking research, not spend time looking after infrastructure. And everyone from students to faculty to administrators wants the services they use on campus to be just as convenient as the ones they use in their personal lives.

Our solutions give you end‑to‑end visibility into processes and infrastructure through a single system of record for IT. This enables you to consolidate and automate service management processes, increase efficiency, lower costs — and devote more time to innovating and creating the consumer‑like experience that students, faculty, and staff expect.

Improve Visibility
Replace department silos and redundant legacy service tools with a single system of record for IT

Consumerize the Service Experience
Provide approachable services for students, faculty, operations staff, alumni and campus visitors

Improve Efficiency
Automate repeatable, manual processes, including cloud provisioning, onboarding, and more

Deliver More Value
Leverage proven IT service management processes that can be rapidly modified for specific institutional needs without high-cost constraints or the need for programmers


ITIL Suites

ServiceNow Service Management Suite – Comprised of ServiceNow-developed applications designed to address the core ITIL framework use cases (Incident, Problem, Change, Release, Request, Asset, IT Cost) as well as ServiceNow- developed applications designed to address the service delivery needs of other organizations within the enterprise, including HR, Facilities, Field Service, Finance, Legal and Marketing.

ServiceNow Project Portfolio Suite – ServiceNow-developed applications (SDLC, Project Portfolio, Resource, Demand, Test) that cover the portfolio planning, test management and development processes.

ServiceNow IT Business Management Suite – ServiceNow-developed applications (IT GRC, Vendor) designed to govern and measure the business of IT.

ServiceNow IT Financial Management Application – ServiceNow-developed application designed to provide insight into spend for CIO's seeking to align investment to business goals.

ServiceNow CreateNow Development Suite – The licensing for customers to build their own applications on top of the Service Automation Platform.

ServiceNow Service Management Suite With CreateNow – Comprised of ServiceNow Service Management Suite plus CreateNow to provide customers the most flexibility to utilize ServiceNow- developed applications “out of the box” as well as build their own applications on top of the Service Automation Platform – including the capability to create service management applications from a template.


ITOM Suites

ServiceNow Orchestration Core - Enables the customer to orchestrate activities outside the customer’s ServiceNow environment. Orchestration Core:

  • Allows customers to automate discrete tasks or processes that interact with external systems or services. (This capability includes “Orchestration Activities” – which prior to Fuji had been sold as separate ServiceNow Orchestration add-on products.)
  • Includes Orchestration Activity Packs for Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, PowerShell and SSH.
  • Provides the capability to manage the configuration settings of a physical or virtual server. (This capability includes “Orchestration Configuration Automation Application” – which prior to Fuji had been a separate ServiceNow Orchestration add-on product.)
  • Provides the capability to reset User’s passwords that are stored and pre-authenticated in a credential store outside Customer’s instance (e.g. Active Directory). (Prior to Fuji, this capability had been “Orchestration Password Reset Application” – a separate ServiceNow Orchestration Add-on product.)
    • ServiceNow Orchestration Cloud Provisioning Application – Cloud provisioning package to manage the lifecycle of provisioning virtual and/or public cloud infrastructure. (Requires purchase of Orchestration Core). Includes VMware vSphere and Amazon EC2 Activity Packs
    • ServiceNow Orchestration Event Management Application – Dynamically creates alerts from infrastructure events generated by third party monitoring tools.
    • ServiceNow ServiceWatch - Acquired in July 2014, ServiceWatch discovers and maps business services, creating and maintaining a service-centric CMDB. Subsequently, it monitors the nodes and relationships between the nodes that make up each service as well as the performance and availability of each business service.
      • Unlike other add-on offerings, ServiceWatch may also be sold as a stand-alone offering to a new customer who does not subscribe to any ServiceNow standard package. However, the Service Automation Platform is not included with a stand-alone ServiceWatch sale.
    • ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM) Suite – Complete ITOM offering which includes Orchestration Core, Cloud Provisioning, Event Management and ServiceWatch Applications.
    • ServiceNow Discovery – Locates physical and virtual devices connected to an enterprise network and identifies the relationships between those devices, as well as identifies the software installed on each.
    • ServiceNow Performance Analytics – Provides advanced analytics and time series analysis for key performance indicators (KPIs.)
    • Public Catalog – Supports service catalog deployments that extend outside the organization to an unknown number of Requesters.
    • Notify – Provides bi-directional SMS, voice, and conference bridge capabilities, tightly integrated with workflow and business rules. Requires a Twilio account to activate.

With the exception of ServiceWatch, all of the above subscription applications, options and add-ons are built upon the Service Automation Platform



The details within this document are intended to provide an overview of the NET+ ServiceNow Program for higher education members.  For a copy of the terms and conditions (the “Internet2 NET + MOA”), please inquire with Internet2 (Matthew Buss) or ServiceNow (Wanda Burgamy). Further, under NDA with ServiceNow, additional details of the business model structure and fees can also be reviewed.

Figure 1: ITIL

Figure 2: ITOM

Value Add Features in the NET+ ServiceNow Offering.

  • There are 3 tiers for pricing ITIL and ITOM, and those pricing tiers are independent of each other.
  • When determining the ITIL pricing tier at which an Enterprise Customer’s purchase will be applied, the summation of all ITIL fulfiller licenses consumed determine the tier level for ITIL only.
    • Custom pricing consideration is available for very large implementations
  • Within the NET+ ServiceNow Program there is a Student Fulfiller model that enables up to 20% of the total Fulfiller licenses to be defined as Student Fulfillers.
    • Student Fulfillers are further discounted from regular fulfillers but have the same rights and privileges as regular fulfillers.
  • Custom pricing consideration is available for very large ITOM implementations.
  • Prod Environment and Sub-Prod Instance prices are per environment/instance per year. For purchases within the ITIL Tiers above, a Production Environment will contain the following Production and Non-Production Instances.
    • Tier 1 = 1 Production Instance and 1 Non-Production Instance
    • Tier 2 = 1 Production Instance and 2 Non-Production Instances
    • Tier 3 = 1 Production Instance and 3 Non-Production Instances
  • Higher Education specific yearly true-up
  • Any "special incentive offerings" that are offered by Service Provider for a specific period will be made available through the NET+ ServiceNow Program for that same period.
  • Three (3) year, or longer, initial term unless prohibited by statute.
  • Grandfathering of custom applications if they meet predetermined requirements.


Existing ServiceNow Customers Only

  • Existing customers of ServiceNow have the choice to keep their existing business model and use the NET+ agreement, or migrate to the NET+ business model and NET+ agreement.  Specific details of this option are available upon request.

Please feel free to contact either of the individuals listed below if you have further questions around the NET+ ServiceNow offering.  Thank you.


Matthew Buss
Program Manager: NET+ SaaS Portfolio
Wanda Burgamy
SLED Program Manager


Visit the Overview tab for updates as they become available. Have a question not answered here? Send an email to


There are vaious ways to engage the community on a number of different topics  Below you will find various resources in which you can participate and take advantage.  If you are looking to participate in the overall NET+ SerivceNow program, please reach out to Matthew Buss ( who can give you program information.


NET+ ServiceNow Advisory Board

This adivsory board is made up of the following institutions and have been given the charge to work with ServiceNow on keeping the program relevant to the community.  If you would like to engage with the advisory board, please contact Matthew Buss, email address above.

  • University of Washington (Sponsor)
  • American University
  • New York University
  • Notre Dame University
  • University of Central Florida
  • University of Maryland
  • University of Texas at Arlington
  • Univesity of Virginia


SNow Higher Education Group - Mailing List

This mailing list is for ServiceNow customers or potential customers who are members of higher education institutions. There are many collaborative resources available for ServiceNow customers, for ITIL/ITSM, and for higher education, but none specifically in the space that crosses all three. In that context Karen Van Dusen (Carnegie Mellon University) and Hillary Rosenfeld (Boston University) maintain this list for anyone who is a ServiceNow customer and in higher education. Topics typically range from ServiceNow implementation and adoption strategies in higher ed to networking planning for events like ServiceNow's Knowledge conferences.

To participate visit (no vendors please):


SNow Higher Education Group - Web Meetings

These are occasional collaboration opportunities in which Karen Van Dusen (Carnegie Mellon University) and Hillary Rosenfeld (Boston University) coordinate web sharing sessions on various topics where the Google Group has expressed an interest.  Community members typically share how they are solving particular problems at their institution using ServiceNow.  The sessions are meant to be informal with short presentations and significant time for questions and discussion.  You can access recordings of past sessions.


Higher Education Collaborative Resources for ITSM (IT Service Management)


itSMF is a not for profit international organization focused on IT Service Management. The Higher Education Community of Interest Group is devoted to discussion, development, and adoption of IT Service Management principles in support of institutions of higher education.

EDUCAUSE is a an international organization focused on IT within higher education.  Within the organization, there is a constituent group for members interested in IT Service Management: