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Quyen Vaillant

In recent years, video has become an increasingly critical tool for personalizing the student learning experience, extending access to education, implementing active learning pedagogies, and communicating with alumni and families. Since our founding at Carnegie Mellon University in 2007, Panopto has partnered with colleges and universities to provide a comprehensive solution for video content management, video capture, and live streaming. Today more than 1,000 institutions around the world use Panopto to centrally manage their video assets, integrate video into their LMS, capture lectures, flip classrooms, record student assignments, and live stream campus events.

As the first video platform to join the NET+ program, Panopto offers Internet2 member institutions discounted pricing, simplified purchasing through a common customer agreement, and secure, reliable streaming delivered over the Internet2 network.


Brent Saltzman, an Application Administrator at Creighton University shares how Panopto has helped the school standardize video across campus to create a consistent and positive student experience.

Heather Hazelwood, an Academic Technology Specialist at Butler University describes the many ways her university’s faculty and students rely on Panopto, including for patient simulations, student assessments, lecture capture, and more.


NET+ Panopto enables institutions to centrally manage all of their video assets, integrate video into their LMS, capture video from nearly any source, live stream video to internal and external audiences, and search inside the content of video for any word spoken or shown. 

Here's what's included in the NET+ Panopto service: 

  • Video Hosting and Management: Centralize and host your institution’s videos. Securely share 1st-party and 3rd-party video content with students and faculty. Brand your video portal and individual department homepages. Manage your video infrastructure and monitor system health from a modern admin dashboard.
  • Analytics: See viewing activity across your entire video library. Drill into viewing activity for individual departments, folders, videos, and students. Get insights into video engagement based on drop-off rates, timestamped comments and notes. Monitor the reach and performance of live video streams. Integrate with Google Analytics for additional insights into viewer geography and demographics.
  • Quizzing: Easily create multiple choice, multi-select, and true-false quizzes. Embed quizzes into any video across your library. Automatically launch quizzes during video playback. Export quiz results to your LMS.
  • Editing: Edit your videos from any web browser without the need to download software or browser add-ons. Trim unwanted parts of your videos, split videos into smaller clips, synchronize videos and PowerPoint slides, switch between different video inputs in multi-camera recordings, combine existing recordings, and embed YouTube videos.
  • Captioning: Automatically caption every video with machine-generated transcripts and AI. Generate ADA-compliant captions with human-based services starting at $1/minute. Edit captions in the web-based video editor.
  • Integration: Connect your video library to your learning management system, identity management single sign-on systems, internal portals, and more. Faculty and students can upload and access recordings in Panopto without ever leaving the LMS.
  • Video Recording: Capture video feeds from any camera and any screen — even multiple feeds simultaneously. Schedule recordings in advance, and monitor the health and status of your video recording infrastructure from a web browser or smartphone.
  • Live Streaming: Broadcast to internal and external audiences of any size. Stream multiple feeds of video simultaneously. Viewers can securely watch your live stream in web browsers and mobile devices without having to download any special software.
  • In-Video Search: Search across your entire video library and inside videos for any word spoken or shown. Panopto automatically indexes every video uploaded to your library, making it easy for students to find the exact moments they need to revisit when studying.
  • Service and Setup: For four years running, Panopto has earned a 99% customer satisfaction rating. Our team members are here to help with your initial implementation, training, ongoing technical support, and more.

Here's how other institutions use Panopto:

  • Video Content Management: Centrally manage recorded lectures, additional classroom videos, and 3rd-party media in a secure video platform that integrates with your LMS.
  • Video Accessibility: Reduce the cost and complexity of captioning videos. Panopto helps institutions achieve compliance with federal accessibility requirements for online video content with flexible captioning options, screen reader support, and more.
  • Lecture Capture: From small departmental deployments to campus-wide installations, Panopto provides the industry's easiest, most flexible lecture capture solution.
  • Flipping the Classroom: Enable faculty to record and share flipped classroom videos from anywhere, using any laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Active Learning: Open class time for active learning, add new options for student activities, and make course videos interactive.
  • Student Recordings: Record student presentations and assessments with private assignment folders for students.
  • Recording Demonstrations: Record lab demonstrations, patient role-play scenarios, mock courtroom trials, field demonstrations, and more with Panopto's multi-camera and mobile recording features.
  • University Development: For administration, governance, athletics, alumni, and more, Panopto gives you new options for engaging with your community more effectively.

For more information, or to subscribe to NET+ Panopto, email  

The Panopto team will respond to your questions, show you customized product demos, and set you up with a free trial of our video platform. The team will also walk you through the NET+ Panopto Customer Agreement and provide a standardized Panopto quote for service using NET+ Panopto member pricing.