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OneCampus by rSmart

Eligible Subscribers:
Not-for-profit Internet2, InCommon, or EDUCAUSE member organizations, educational institutions and systems, or not-for-profit health care providers, research facilities, libraries, museums, or local governments.
Indiana University, University of Utah
Matthew Buss

All campus services. One location. Any device    

For many colleges and universities, campus portals were the early approach to organizing the complexity of campus services. Decades later, many of these portals lack a modern user experience or have become so cluttered they’re almost unusable. For other institutions, campus services are scattered across various web pages that are difficult to search and navigate, especially on a mobile device.    

OneCampus is a cloud-based service discovery platform that simplifies finding and accessing campus services and information such as grades, class schedules, email, and more. It connects to your campus-based authentication system to allow for single sign-on (SSO) to institutional services and applications and features a robust Google-like search, ratings, and reviews to effectively analyze what services are being used and satisfaction levels. Administrators also have the ability to quickly change or add new tasks to facilitate continuous service improvements with limited IT expertise or involvement.


  • Gives students, faculty, and staff an easy and intuitive place to find and access all campus services
  • Distributes service publication to departments and service owners, minimizing the IT burden
  • Improves individual campus services by providing direct user feedback to service owners
  • Dynamically manages what tasks are being used most frequently to enhance user awareness of campus services

OneCampus is tailor-made for higher education and delivered in the cloud to simplify setup and management. With rSmart OneCampus, you get:

User Features

  • Google-like Search: Search all campus services or filter your search by campus and/or role, such as student, faculty, or staff. As text is entered into the search box, suggestions will appear based on what’s been entered.
  • Browse by Category: Explore campus services by category, such as academics or campus life, as defined by the institution’s administrator(s).
  • Ratings and Reviews: Share feedback with other users and administrators by rating and reviewing campus services or tasks.
  • Personal Preferences: For multi-campus institutions, users can select their primary campus preference and it will persist across browsers and devices when logged in.
  • Favorite Tasks: The favorites feature makes it easier and faster to connect with frequently used tasks, services or applications.
Administration Features
  • Institutional Look and Feel: Update the appearance to match your institution by changing the logos, header, footer, colors, and style sheet.
  • Multi-Campus Support: Manage campus services across multiple campuses in one platform.
  • Simple Configuration: Define categories, add publishers, set featured tasks, and more through an easy-to-use administrative console.
  • Distributed Publishing: Create an approval workflow that allows publishers to create or edit tasks before routing to an administrator for review and approval before it goes live.
  • Task Centers: Organize commonly used tasks into groups by function or application such as new students or financial services.
  • Cloud Delivery and Activation: Quickly deploy and activate your cloud-based tennant in weeks. rSmart provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee along with highly-reliable services that include disaster recovery.
  • Site Setup and Administrator Training: Receive administrator training, site set-up, and support along with proactive 30- and 60-day outreach to ensure your continued success.
  • Customer Care Center and Free Upgrades: User guides, FAQs, administrator support, and free upgrades ensure the on-going delivery of your OneCampus application.

Thank you for your interest in Internet2 NET+ OneCampus. If you would like to learn more or have questions about pricing. please send us an email to