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Security & Identity
Early Adopter - Quickstart
Nick Lewis

Protect your campus with enterprise-strength password management

Passwords represent the greatest security risk to higher education institutions today; 63% of data breaches are due to weak passwords and policies. That’s why thousands of organizations depend on Keeper's enterprise-strength password manager and digital vault to substantially reduce risk of a data breach.

With Keeper, your students and faculty have on-demand access to encrypted passwords, websites and applications increasing their productivity while protected with best-in-class security. Keeper is SOC 2 Certified and utilizes 256-bit AES encryption to safeguard its customers. Keeper protects leading universities including University of Iowa, Ohio State University and The University of Alabama at Birmingham.




End user features

Manage your passwords and files in your private Keeper vault, access them from any device and securely share them with colleagues.

  • Secure Password Management
    • Manage your passwords and files in your private Keeper vault, access them from any device and securely share them with colleagues
  • ​KeeperFill™
    • Automatically fill your passwords for fast and secure access to websites and mobile apps.
  • Password Generator
    • Create high-strength, random passwords to protect you from cyber attacks. You can also create your own passwords and Keeper will measure their strength.
  • Secure File Storage
    • Securely store, manage and share sensitive files, documents, photos and videos in a highly secure, encrypted digital vault.
  • Multi-factor Authentication
    • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides an extra layer of security when you log into a website or application. Keeper provides broad MFA support via SMS, Duo Security, RSA SecurID® and Google Authenticator. Additionally, Keeper DNA® allows use of a smartwatch or fingerprint to login to the Keeper vault.
  • Biometric Login
    • You can use the fingerprint scanner on your mobile device to quickly log into your Keeper vault, website or application.
  • Secure Cloud Backups
    • Unlimited encrypted cloud backups so your passwords and personal data is never lost
  • Automatic Device Syncing
    • Your records automatically sync with all your devices with full online and offline access.
  • Accessible on Every Platform
    • Native applications on every smartphone, tablet and computer. Keeper also supports popular browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE.
  • 24x7 Support
    • 24x7 live support available 365 days a year
  • Multi-Account Switching
    • Keeper allows users to quickly switch between multiple accounts to keep their business and personal digital vaults separate.

Business account features

Keeper’s business product helps higher education institutions strengthen cybersecurity, improve productivity and better align secure password management with their organizational structure and security processes.

  • Admin Console
    • Create your organizational structure, groups, teams, users, devices, roles, permissions and privileges.
  • Teams and Role-Based Permissions
    • Configurable roles, role-based permissions and admin privileges are all assignable by specific organizational hierarchy such as subsidiary, division, department or group.
  • Privileged Account Management
    • Manage privileged account credentials with role based permissions, controlled credential sharing and scheduled password rotation.
  • AD and LDAP Integration
    • Keeper Bridge provides seamless Active Directory and LDAP mirroring and integration to accelerate deployment and user onboarding.
  • Policy Engine & Enforcement
    • Set password length requirements, enforce cloud backups, sharing capabilities, and the use of two-factor authentication.
  • Team Folders
    • To allow sharing of passwords and confidential files between teams, Keeper provides the ability to create, share and manage encrypted team folders.
  • Security Auditing and Reporting
    • Review and notify when users are using weak or repeat passwords across their accounts.
  • Account Off-Boarding
    • Keeper supports the ability to quickly offboard user accounts and securely transfer company assets to admins, managers or other users.
  • Platform, Device and Browser Support
    • Keeper supports Bring Your Own Device BYOD policies to enforce password best practices regardless of device type. Keeper supports popular browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE.

Keeper’s Best-in-Class Zero-Knowledge Security

  • Private Master Password
    • ONLY the user has knowledge of and access to their Master Password and key that is used to encrypt and decrypt their information.
  • Strongest Encryption
    • Keeper protects your information with AES 256-bit encryption and PBKDF2, widely accepted as the strongest encryption available. User data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level not on Keeper’s servers or in the cloud.
  • Secure and Reliable Cloud Vault
    • Keeper utilizes Amazon AWS to host and operate the Keeper Vault and architecture providing customers with the fastest and safest cloud storage.
  • Two-Factor Authentication
    • Keeper supports two-step authentication, fingerprint login and Keeper DNA® which uses personal devices like your smartwatch to confirm your identity.
  • Best Industry Certifications
    • Keeper is the only SOC 2 certified password management solution in the industry and certified by TRUSTe for online privacy.

Keeper is priced per user with volume discounts.  As a member of the Internet2 Community, you are eligible for preferred pricing. 

For pricing questions please contact:


General FAQ

Who is Keeper?

Keeper is the leading password manager and digital vault. Keeper helps millions of people and thousands of businesses substantially mitigate the risk of a data breach and, at the same time, improve online productivity.

What is the relationship between Keeper and Internet2?

Keeper has an agreement with Internet2 to provide special terms and conditions to higher education institutions.

Who can access and decrypt end user data?

Keeper is a zero-knowledge security provider. The Keeper user is the only person that has full control over the encryption and decryption of their data. With Keeper, encryption occurs at the user's device level throughout the entire transport process of the user's app to Keeper's Cloud Security Vault. The encryption key that is needed to decrypt the data always resides with the Keeper user. Keeper cannot decrypt the user's stored data.

Eligibility and Enrollment

How does my higher education institution sign up for the service?

Click on the “Participate” tab or email

Keeper FAQ (answers on the Keeper FAQ webpage)

How secure is Keeper?

Keeper is the most secure, certified, tested and audited password management and digital vault in the world. Not only do we implement the most secure levels of encryption, we also adhere to very strict internal practices that are continually audited by third parties to help ensure that we continue to develop secure software and provide the world's most secure digital vault. Detailed information about our security platform can be found at:

Does Keeper have any back doors accessible to employees, government agencies or 3rd parties?

No. Keeper does not have access to our customer's records. We cannot decrypt your data and we do not provide any 3rd parties access to your information. Read our Security Disclosure page for all the details of our multi-layered encryption which ensures that only YOU are able to decrypt, view and access your Keeper records.

How many PBKDF2 iterations does Keeper use?

To be fully compatible with all web browsers, Keeper has a minimum level of 1,000 PBKDF2 iterations, however you can increase the iterations up to 100,000.

How can I get a copy of your SOC-2 report?

We provide a copy of our SOC-2 report for prospective customers with a signed NDA. Please reach out to to request a copy of the report.