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Internet2 NET+ Infrastructure and Platform Services Annual Access Fees

To achieve meaningful discounts, we need to aggregate the total community and pass 100% of those savings through to the end consumer of the service (Campus, Individual Researchers, Faculty, Students). Community costs associated with NET+ Infrastructure and Platform services are substantial and ongoing, including: program management and operation, establishing network peering and increasing network integration over time, legal agreement development, ongoing updates, additional premium support for the service, underwriting workshops and activities, and providing the foundation for inquiry or research projects with new or add-on services. In some cases, like NET+ Office 365, the core service itself is free for higher education due in large part to the community's ongoing advocacy. NET+ programs provide additional benefits the community has requested by leveraging its collective scale.

In order to balance the need for community cost recovery and program financial sustainability as well as attempting to balance as many competing approaches as possible—consistent "Access Fees" for NET+ Infrastructure and Platform Services have been implemented as per the following:

  • Access Fee pricing tiers map to Internet2 Membership tiers as a way of understanding differences in service utilization without the administrative burdens of tracking utilization patterns or in-year changes.
  • Access Fee applies to each of three NET+ Infrastructure and Platform Services offerings: Amazon Web Services by DLT, Microsoft Azure, and Office365 (each additional service is an additional Access Fee) and will apply to additional future infrastructure services as they are developed by the community.
  • A one-time Setup Fee of $1,000 for Internet2 Members and $1,500 for non-Internet2 Members will be included at the time a campus signs the Participation Agreement (setup fee is not charged for each additional service).
  • Discount thresholds for the entire community are available and associated with total number of campuses participating (e.g. reductions in Access Fees for Year 2 and beyond after 100, 200, 300 campuses participating per service).

Access Fees (Currently 0-100 Campuses Participating)

Membership Category Annual Access Fee –
Internet2 Members
Annual Access Fee –
Non-Internet2 Members
Level 1 $7000 $8400
Level 2 $5250 $6300
Level 3 $2800 $3100
Level 4 $1750 $2100