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ICE Health Systems

Eligible Subscribers:
Universities, colleges, and post-secondary institutions with an accredited dental school located in the United States.
University of Michigan
Dana Voss

"Cloud" Technology To Impact Dentistry & Electronic Health Records

Cloud technology offers dentistry important benefits beyond what is available through traditional server-based systems.

Reduces costs by allowing users to do more with less. Cloud technology eliminates the need for servers and server support and significantly reduces software costs.

Offers convenient access to your Electronic Health Records (EHR) system. Cloud technology means that you can access your account information directly and securely from any device with a browser.

Enables collaboration among professionals using the service connecting clinicians to clinicians, clinicians to researcher, researcher to researches.

Increases patient access. Patients can view their records at all times for emergencies or consultations with clinicians anywhere in the world.

Proven security of systems and processes. Internet2 NET+ is working closely with ICE to ensure compliance with the Cloud Control Matrix list of required security components and processes, maintaining a high level of system and process security.

What is the Internet2 NET+ Services Offering?

The offering, called Internet2 NET+ ICE Health Systems, will bring an innovative patient care service to the education and practicing communities featuring a scalable EHR with enhanced patient, practice, and learning management systems and offering data sharing opportunities for large scale research projects.

The benefit of the universities and ICE collaboration will be a secure, cloud-based service able to meet the patient care, education, business, research and administrative requirements of institutions, professional offices and clinics.

The University of Michigan, the University of North Carolina and the University of Pittsburgh dental schools have explored the development of ICE through the Internet2 NET+ offering and are now working with ICE to refine the system and deliver a cloud-based EHR for dental schools in early 2015.

For more information please contact:

About ICE Health Systems

ICE Health Systems is an innovative Electronic Health Record and Practice Management System whose development has been driven by a distinguished group of dentists and physicians representing a number of specialties in both university and private clinics. ICE Health Systems is a user-friendly practice management solution. Using cloud technology, this system supports the first multi-disciplinary practice management service providing integrated professional communications and continuous system enhancement.

The Story of ICE Health Systems:

Participating Universities

The University of Michigan School of Dentistry
For more information visit:

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Dentistry
For more information visit:

The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine
For more information visit:


ICE Health Systems is a Cloud Based EHR offering many significant benefits to the education and research communities.

Progressive Patient Care and Communication
● ICE provides a significant opportunity for students to learn and practice developing a high standard of patient care and communication. With our vast patient education library and secure patient portal, communication of care, upcoming procedures and best practices becomes a seamless process between patient and provider.

Secure Anytime Access to the Information You Need
● All you need to access patient records, charts, images and appointments is an internet connection and a laptop. You can complete chart notes, view reports and respond to collaborations anytime, anywhere. Being a secure system not only means that data is encrypted but it is automatically backed up. - Security audits performed from parties outside of ICE. Audits performed annually and to the standard of the Cloud Control Matrix. ICE is more accessible AND has more proven security than any other system.

Elimination of Conventional Hardware and Network Requirements
● Cloud technology eliminates the need for internal servers, hardware and network requirements. In addition to monetary savings, you save time; meaning more of it can be spent attending to clinic, student and patient needs.

Interdisciplinary System
● One EHR for multiple disciplines allows clinics to offer uninterrupted service to patients between appointments and across providers. The system offers individual charting systems for disciplines that ‘work together’ to create one patient record that is updated in real time.

Constant Improvement and Refinement (We listen to you!)
● Listening to client feedback for system enhancements, refinements and new features is a key component of our business. ICE encourages clients to provide insight and information about the system to increase efficiency and workflow. We take client feedback into consideration when developing new elements of the system or enhancing existing features.

Support for Graduating Students
● ICE will serve students well after graduation, making the transition to professional practice easier, less stressful and more affordable.

Touch Screen and Tablet Friendly
● Keeping up with the latest technology, ICE provides the same functionality on a touch screen and tablet as it does on a desktop. Working on a tablet means users are able to literally ‘take their work with them’ without needing to sit down at a desk or workstation to enter progress notes, review a patient’s history or look at the schedule for the day.

Operationally efficient within an educational setting
● ICE provides an effective platform for students to apply their knowledge & skills in the clinic setting. Password protected sign-in, granular security features, faculty checks and real time tracking allows students to work effectively and efficiently in the clinic while maintaining a high level of accountability. Faculty approval checks insure proper care, treatment and procedures are provided to patients without disrupting clinic workflow.

Grading with Reporting
● Ensuring that students are effective and competent in their knowledge, skills and patient care is essential for any healthcare professional. ICE’s grading system allows students to complete a number of competency evaluations for each discipline of dentistry before completing their ‘final exam’. Students are able to complete self evaluations as well as receive marks and feedback from their supervising faculty in every aspect of an appointment from professionalism to skills assessment. In addition to instructors and faculty having access to student evaluations, they can also access the extensive reporting database built into the grading system.

Full Business Intelligence integration
● ICE provides clinics with 24/7 integrated ability to easily access, identify and report on data collected within the system. From patient demographics to administrative, clinical, financial and educational, ICE enables users, clinics and researchers to mine and analyze data and review it for new business opportunities, help form clinic policies and best practices and provide platforms for new research projects.

Research Support
● ICE’s reporting system has transformed into a fully customizable reporting engine. Users have the ability to create and generate an unlimited number of unique reports reflecting operational, financial and clinical information. The reporting engine allows users to collect and analyze up to date information not only about one specific practice or clinic, but also across locations, practices and even between different universities. The research support and research potential ICE provides is uniques and, we believe paramount in the healthcare field.

For more information on all of the features that ICE provides, visit the ICE Health Systems Features page -



How does ICE compare to other dental school Electronic Health Records?

ICE is the new generation of Electronic Health Record (EHR) for healthcare. The ICE solution is a secure, cloud-based, customizable service that meets the patient care, educational, business, research and administrative needs of universities, private practices and community clinics. Specifically, ICE boasts cloud based functionality, moving schools away from traditional server and hardware systems to cloud based interfaces and software. In addition to the elimination of internal servers and server support, cloud technology significantly reduces the cost to users and increases ease of information access. The technical culture of ICE revolves around reorganizing, refining and continuously improving the code design and interface. Consistent with the principle of refinement and improved user experience, modular updates have been and continue to be made based on feedback from the founding universities, allowing the system to be truly customized to the client. ICE prides itself on continuous improvement and innovation. In addition to the traditional clinical applications of such a system, ICE recognizes that research is a vital part of the university community. Recognizing this as a necessity, ICE includes a robust reporting engine with unlimited capability for clinical, patient and financial data mining.

Who are the key players?

The Internet2 (I2) NET+ ICE Health Systems (ICE) offering includes two technology partners accompanied by three educational institutions.

Technology Partners

ICE, the software developer and provider, is an innovative EHR and practice management system. The development of ICE has always been driven by a distinguished group of dentists and physicians representing a number of specialties in both university and private clinics. The I2 NET+ offering provides a new opportunity for ICE to take part in a truly unique project to help advance patient care, treatment, communication and healthcare delivery. In addition to providing a platform for the project, I2 has provided communication, adoption and promotion to the university community.

Educational Institutions

In order for the project to be successful, ICE and I2 NET+ recognized that members of the university community were required. The University of Michigan, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Pittsburgh dental schools are the pilot schools for this offering. All three schools have explored the development of ICE through the I2 NET+ offering. The schools have spearheaded the committee groups that provide feedback and validation for the module development of ICE.

What is I2 adding to this effort?

I2 is a key component in the way ICE will work and a major strength of the ICE model. I2 has negotiated the overarching Business Agreement, ensured the security protocols, guaranteed pricing for all I2 schools, and managed the project. As this cloud system continues improving, I2 encourages schools to make new requests to add features and expand application, so the product can continue to grow and improve.

How is the process of your project working?

Since its inception, more than 450 new requirements have been suggested by pilot schools and ICE has expanded upon them to refine and enhance its system. The three pilot schools are seeing progress on a weekly basis. The three schools have been critical in refining ICE by working closely together with I2 to improve the product.

Will it be possible to extract data from ICE for management reporting, research and other uses?

Yes. ICE understands that access to data, answering research questions, responding to research RFAs and the dissemination of research findings is critical to the success and improvement of healthcare.

Can ICE interface with other EHR systems?

There are no technical barriers to this interface/integration and ICE has committed to deliver on it. Interfacing with EHRs and delivering third party integrations has always been a high priority, and a commitment to this integration, which is included in the Business Agreement.

More Information

Thank you for your interest in Internet2 NET+ ICE Services. Please check NET+ ICE Services home for updates as they become available. Have a question not answered here? Send an email to

Participation Questions

What does it take to be an Early Adopter?

Schools ready to commit to implement ICE will sign the Customer Agreement and pay the set-up fee. For more information, please visit: NET+ Service Phases

How do we switch over? What is the process and how long would it take?

The actual time to migrate your institution to the ICE solution is unique to each institution. For an idea how long it would take for your organization to adopt ICE, contact Dr. Mark Genuis of ICE. Dr. Genuis can be reached directly through his email address at: or by telephone at 403-606-9444.

How do we switch over? What is the process and how long would it take?

The early adopters of ICE will be limited to three dental schools. Early adopters get discounted pricing and can be involved with further refinement of the system.

Whom do I contact for a product demo?

Please contact Dr. Mark Genuis of ICE for a product demonstration.

How is training provided for schools that switch to ICE?

ICE has prepared a number of training methods available to users, including ICE’s online LMS system (complete with knowledge check quizzes and module tests), on-demand videos available online, distance training with an ICE Client Care Professional via online meetings, or in-person training (upon request).

Financial Questions

How much does it cost compared to TCO of traditional EHR?

Refer to pricing link - link to TCO paper. Pricing is revealed and known to current and potential clients.

Will I be charged large fees for unanticipated updates of the software?

All charges are listed in the contract and are completely known in advance. Also, ICE delivers upgrades regularly in order to make it easier to adapt to refinements and improvements. ICE has never charged for an upgrade.

Can I collect Meaningful Use (MU) EHR Incentive Program money with ICE?

Certification of the eligibility of the system for MU incentive is in process. Certification is anticipated in the first quarter of 2015.

Legal Questions

Are there standard contracts available? Who negotiates the legal agreements?

The legal agreements consist of the Business Agreement between ICE and I2, and the much smaller Customer Agreement. During the Service Validation, I2 led the legal negotiations in collaboration with the Service Validation schools and ICE. Minor, state specific only, changes are allowed in the state-by-state Customer Agreement that each participating school signs.

Does the NET+ service comply with FERPA and HIPAA/HITECH or other applicable legislation?

The service complies with the requirements as understood by the three schools. New adopters would need to ensure their own comfort and discuss any state specific agenda that they may feel they need. The I2 contract with ICE includes contractual provisions relating to FERPA. ICE also agreed to provisions and signed a Business Associate Agreement under HIPAA/HITECH. State schools that are subject to specific state laws that feel they are not covered by the NET+ Business Agreement or Customer Agreement should discuss these with NET+ staff and/or ICE so that appropriate addenda can be made.

Who owns the data?

Each school owns and has unlimited access to its own data.

If I switch, can I remain member of Consortium for Oral Health Research and Informatics (COHRI)?

Yes. The COHRI Bylaws only specify that you must utilize any available EHR to maintain membership. Use of ICE is not a requirement.

Can data be pooled for research purposes (after proper IRB approval)?

Yes. All schools are encouraged to collaborate on research projects. Of course all local IRB requirements, Data Use Agreements, and other regulatory requirements must be adhered to.

Security Questions

What are the inherent security limitations of cloud computing?

I2 developed a Cloud Control Matrix (CCM) to ensure that any service provider through I2 is able to deliver security services in a manner that exceeds current systems including most client-server systems. ICE conforms to the CCM standards published by I2.

Has ICE gone through a security assessment?

During 2014, the University of Michigan is conducting a comprehensive security review of ICE. ICE is in the process of undergoing a formal security audit by a third party auditor. The collaboration is currently conducting multiple security audits to formally evaluate ICE’s compliance with the CCM.

Can I prevent students from accessing the EHR from home?

Yes. ICE has developed a setting to provide schools with this ability. You can also inhibit access to some students while providing access to others. There is no additional fee for this component.

Nerd Questions

Which browser do I have to use?

For now, Chrome is the only browser that works.

Can I use a tablet?


Can I use a Smartphone?

While the smartphone screen is small for some of the work in an EHR, the three Service Validation schools are working to refine ICE for work on smaller screens.

Can I use my alphanumeric pager?

No. Come into the 21st century!

Is the cloud redundant? Is there built-in redundancy?

Yes. Data is stored in two geographically disparate locations.

What about image acquisition? Through the Web? TWAIN?

Yes. For schools using MiPACS, ICE has an integration with MiPACS. ICE also has an independent imaging system that supports image capture. ICE’s image capture supports TWAIN and will be DICOM compliant by March 31, 2015.

Do I keep a local copy of my data or is it all exclusively in the cloud?

Your data is stored in your own account. You will be able to make routine copies at your discretion.

What happens if the Internet is down?

It is the responsibility of each school to create their own Disaster Recovery plan. Some schools plan to create temporary Internet access using cellular modems (MiFi) for critical PCs.

Does ICE allow the use of diagnostic terminology?

ICE has currently integrated ICD diagnostic codes and terminology. Other diagnostic information can easily be integrated once mapping information is provided.

Will service and support be available throughout normal working hours in my time zone?

Service is specified in the Business Agreement and supports the working hours of the participating dental schools.

Interested schools can find out more information about to sign up with ICE Health Systems for the NET+ ICE services by emailing