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Google Cloud Platform


Cloud computing requires a multifaceted solution that addresses connectivity, identity, compliance, a contracting framework, and a community of practice to engage when questions arise. Internet2’s Cloud Exchange and Cloud Connect options address common connectivity needs, and its NET+ program works to address the other dimensions in ways expressly tailored to the needs of higher education. More details on these services as well as how to leverage these efforts can be found on their respective tab.

Michigan State University
Sara Jeanes

Thanks to the ongoing work of the Internet2 community Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Service Validation team, the pre-Validation service is now available to the Internet2 community for use and feedback. Fully validated service to be launched later this year. 

Members can begin using the service, running workloads, and evaluating organization-wide structures for folders and projects, while providing feedback to support the community-driven service validation process. 

Google and the Internet2 community team worked with Carahsoft ( to distribute the GCP offering. Carahsoft will play a key role in gluing campus business process needs (chargebacks and invoicing) to funding models (including NIH and NSF credits), while assisting in exposing and managing costs associated with running cloud services. Subscribing Internet2 members will be able to purchase through one of two approved GCP resellers.

The offering currently includes the previously announced , but will be utilizing standard Google Cloud Platform Terms of Service, so we are asking everyone to contribute to the terms review process. Full Service Validation will continue for the next six to nine months while your colleagues on the Service Validation team build community feedback into a full Internet2 Cloud Services Customer Agreement. The other elements of the Service Validation are aiming to wrap up at the same time--working to improve GCP’s accessibility as well as enabling the first phase of Internet2 .

Stay tuned for more announcements from the GCP Service Validation team!

cloud connect

Google Cloud Platform Dedicated Interconnect

Cloud Exchange

The Cloud Exchange provides Layer 3 routed access to Google via direct peering with these providers. Consider using the Cloud Exchange when accessing cloud providers if your applications don’t require your campus private network to be extended into the cloud. Additionally, if your application requires network layer encryption implemented with VPN tunneling, the Cloud Exchange can provide multiple high capacity paths for your tunnels into these cloud providers.

Cloud Connect

Using your regional's infrastructure in conjunction with the Internet2 Network, you can reach cloud resources, including Google Cloud Platform Dedicated Interconnect. The robust regional and national networks allow access to these cloud providers available in the locations on the map (please see below). Depending on your preference, you can implement either a Layer 2 or Layer 3solution. Additionally, you will need to subscribe to the cloud provider's service. For Microsoft, please contact your representative directly.

Google Cloud Platform Dedicated Interconnect Service Locations

Connecting to Google Cloud Platform Dedicated Interconnect

Internet2 offers both a layer 2 and a layer 3 connectivity option.

Layer 2 Google Cloud Platform Dedicated Interconnect Connection

The layer 2 option consists of layer 2 VLANs connecting the campus routers to routers inside the Google cloud. The campus and Google exchange routes via BGP.

Layer 3 Google Cloud Platform Dedicated Interconnect Connection

With the layer 3 option, Internet2 creates an L3VPN unique for each campus. The L3VPN BGP peers with Google and the campus, in turn, BGP peers with the L3VPN. The regional network, if any, passes the VLANs through between the campus and Internet2. One advantage of this option will be discussed further below.

Additional Layer 3 Connectivity

Another advantage of the Layer 3 option is the possibility of connecting to other Google regions and other cloud service providers. In this case, the Internet2 L3VPN peers with the additional sites/providers and the campus simply continues to peer with the L3VPN over the existing VLANs. Doing this with Layer 2 would require possibly many additional VLANs connecting the campus to provider routers.

sign up

For information about signing up for the Google Cloud Platform NET+ offering, please contact

For information about using Cloud Connect to access to Google Cloud Platform Dedicated Interconnect, please contact


Any and all Internet2 member institutions can sign up for this offering and are encouraged to review how GCP might be deployed on campus. Any members who subscribe to the GCP offering now will have an easy path to upgrade to the fully validated Internet2 GCP offering when it becomes available later this year.

For more information on the Internet2 GCP offering, please email