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Google Cloud Platform

Service Type:
Infrastructure & Platform Services
Service Validation
Eligible Subscribers:
Internet2 Member
Michigan State University
Sara Jeanes

Thanks to the ongoing work of the Internet2 community Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Service Validation team, the pre-Validation service is now available to the Internet2 community for use and feedback. Fully validated service to be launched later this year. 

Members can begin using the service, running workloads, and evaluating organization-wide structures for folders and projects, while providing feedback to support the community-driven service validation process. 

Google and the Internet2 community team worked with Carahsoft ( to distribute the GCP offering. Carahsoft will play a key role in gluing campus business process needs (chargebacks and invoicing) to funding models (including NIH and NSF credits), while assisting in exposing and managing costs associated with running cloud services. Subscribing Internet2 members will be able to purchase through one of two approved GCP resellers.

Stay tuned for more announcements from the GCP Service Validation team!


The offering currently includes the previously announced Data Egress Fee Discount, but will be utilizing standard Google Cloud Platform Terms of Service, so we are asking everyone to contribute to the terms review process. Full Service Validation will continue for the next six to nine months while your colleagues on the Service Validation team build community feedback into a full Internet2 Cloud Services Customer Agreement. The other elements of the Service Validation are aiming to wrap up at the same time--working to improve GCP’s accessibility as well as enabling the first phase of Internet2 Cloud Connect.


Any and all Internet2 member institutions can sign up for this offering and are encouraged to review how GCP might be deployed on campus. Any members who subscribe to the GCP offering now will have an easy path to upgrade to the fully validated Internet2 GCP offering when it becomes available later this year.

For more information on the Internet2 GCP offering, please email