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Service Type:
Video, Voice & Collaboration
Eligible Subscribers:
Internet2 Member or Other R&E Participant
Saint Louis University
Ben Fineman

Rapid advances in mobile computing, high-speed wireless networks and cloud computing are transforming classrooms and enabling universities to connect all of their students, faculty and staff with collaborators around the world. Leveraging these advancements, the newest Cloud software-based services enable universities to accomplish their global missions while dramatically simplifying deployment and ongoing support for academic technology staff.

FuzeBox gives everyone in your institution the freedom to meet, learn, and collaborate from anywhere. Fuze users, aka Fuzers, value this cloud-based conferencing and collaboration service for:

  • Easy, intuitive user experience
  • High definition clarity of meeting audio and video
  • Flexibility to host or join meetings from smartphones, tablets, computers and in-room telepresence systems
  • Powerful rich media content sharing, screen sharing and collaboration
  • Secure, reliable infrastructure
  • Simple, low-cost deployment

The Internet2 NET+ Fuze gives everyone the freedom to meet, share and collaborate from anywhere.This easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use online conferencing and collaboration service works on any device from smartphones and tablets to computers to in-room telepresence systems. Wrapped within an intuitive user experience, you will discover a powerful, no-compromise online communication and collaboration solution.


Party of twelve, your HD meeting is ready...
FuzeBox's crystal clear connectivity conveniently links numerous meeting participants and attendees at the speed of light. Connect up to 12 users at a time without sacrificing quality. Geography will not complicate your productivity, nor will it affect the pristine quality of your video conference.


No scheduling required.
The Reusable Meeting feature allows professors to simply set up a single meeting room at the beginning of the semester, provide the link to students, and have them enter class with the same link for every session. No more need for professors to stress about scheduling meetings and communicating this to students multiple time a week.


One-time-only content uploading and storage.
Upload, stream and share gigantic files without a hitch. Zoom in and out rapidly or pan across your screen at lightning speed without compromising quality or pixelation. FuzeBox rich media content sharing supports industry standard image formats as well as other file types such as video, PowerPoint, Keynote, and documents.


We help you sync-up, link-up and share stuff.
Give other meeting attendees access to view your desktop during meetings with Fuze Screen Sharing. Cross-platform compatibility means that PCs can seamlessly collaborate with MACs (and vice versa), even from remote locations. Conveniently share your computer’s desktop or just specific applications. You can collaborate over documents, provide remote technical assistance, or demonstrate your software products remotely.


We put the power and control in your hands.
Meeting hosts can offer meeting presenters the ability to access and control the host's computer from the presenter's computer. No other video conferencing software offers its users the ability to access another user's system from a remote location.


Fuze democratizes your fixed room investments.
Fuze Telepresence extends into conference rooms with up to 1080p HD video. Fuze has unsurpassed interoperability with H.323 and SIP fixed room videoconference systems such as Polycom, Cisco/Tandberg, LifeSize, Sony, and Teliris. This innovative technology allows your company to extend its investment in hardware-based solutions with meeting interoperability and seamless fullscreen meeting integration from desktop, mobile, and tablet based devices to the video conference endpoints.


Let's take this outside!
Managed by the meeting host or by other attendees, the Chat feature allows you to make comments and notes privately (or publicly) during a meeting. Chat gives you the ability to alert other presenters and attendees quietly and subtly and is completely unobtrusive within FuzeBox's sleek user interface.


We interoperate and play nice with others.
PCs to Macs, Macs to PCs, desktops to tablets, tablets to iPhones and iPhones to Androids. FuzeBox technology makes it simple to collaborate in HD, pixel perfect quality on any device, at anytime, from anywhere.


Log, record, and reuse your meeting content.
Ensure that your meetings live on forever with high-resolution recording and playback. If you need to log and record an entire meeting, or just certain parts of one on the fly, the Meeting Recording feature gives you the power and control to do so. Once the meeting has ended, you can securely publish the meeting online with it's associated media for reference later.


Throw up a billboard for everyone to see.
Publish all of your meeting content into a seamless link that can be easily sent to anyone who attended or could not attend your meeting. Once the host has provided a link to the content that was shared or discussed, that content can be viewed, downloaded, saved and reused. There is no limit to how many people can view your content publishing link for easy follow-up.


Stay in the lines or color outside of them if you want to.
Annotate over any and all cloud-based content. Markup or add notes to pictures, PDF's, and PowerPoint presentations. Unique to FuzeBox, the iPoint controller acts as a laser pointer that lets you callout or highlight any specific content on your screen. Annotations can be reviewed later through the published meeting media or through the Meeting Recording feature.


Pick up exactly where you left off.
All online meetings have the potential to freeze up or drop out due to connectivity and bandwidth issues, but do all brands have the ability to reconnect exactly where they left off? We think not! Auto-reconnect, one of the coolest FuzeBox features, is especially important for anyone Fuzing on a mobile network.


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Internet2 NET+ Fuze service offering

Who is FuzeBox, and what services do they offer?

FuzeBox gives you the freedom to meet, share and collaborate from anywhere.This easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use online conferencing and collaboration service works on any device from smartphones and tablets to computers and in-room telepresence systems. FuzeBox is headquartered in San Francisco, California and backed by Index Ventures, Khosla Ventures and Insight Venture Partners. Forbes includes FuzeBox on their 2013 list of America's Most Promising Companies.

What is the relationship between FuzeBox and Internet2?

Guided by a group of universities that participated in the NET+ service validation process, Internet2 has signed a business agreement with FuzeBox to provide a customized program to offer the Fuze service to higher education. Universities interested in subscribing to the NET+ Fuze service will sign an agreement with Internet2.

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Features and Security

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