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FileSender is a service operated by Internet2 that allows authenticated users to securely and easily send arbitrarily large files to other users. The purpose of the software is to send a large file to someone, have that file available for download for a certain number of downloads and/or a certain amount of time, and after that automatically delete the file. The software is not intended as a permanent file publishing platform (see NET+ Dropbox Education instead -
Eligible Subscribers:
Internet2 members, InCommon participants
Sara Jeanes

The community Filesender working group has reviewed usage metrics for the service including file sizes, file types, number of domains using the service, and number of unique users per week and has reached a consensus to sunset the service. We would like to collect legitimate and research use cases for which a need may still exist. Please email with these use cases. The service will be sunset August 16th, 2020. Thank you.

More details on Getting Started with FileSender can be found on the service's Wiki Space.


Send large files securely and encrypted

FileSender is an open source web application for sending files of any size, quickly and securely, operated by Internet2 for the US higher education community. The sender has full control over who receives and can access the files and for which period of time – as it should be.

A fully transparent open source filesending web application

Privacy and data security have become top priority to organizations and individuals alike. Secure, trustworthy and transparent services for sharing files are difficult to find, however. In most cases, users don’t know what happens with their files, even if they are deleted. This not only poses a risk to data security and privacy, but also creates serious impediments to compliance and control.

FileSender is designed with privacy and data security in mind through authentication of users. Open source, so it can be further developed by the community for new use cases. Suited for large files. And with full control for users – as it should be when it comes to sensitive data.