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Sean O'Brien

Academic institutions and cultural heritage organizations around the world want to provide persistent, durable access to their digital assets now and in the future. DuraCloud, a cloud-based SaaS, enables institutions to archive and manage their content in the cloud while eliminating the risks of using a single commercial cloud provider. DuraCloud is used by many large and small academic institutions who need robust, affordable and easy solutions for archiving and preserving their digital content.

DuraCloud is a community solution developed by the DuraSpace not-for-profit organization. Internet2 members have automatic access to DuraCloud (2) –the first Internet2 NET+ community-developed service aimed at meeting the preservation needs of Internet2 members to ensure that irreplaceable documents, imagery and videos are always accessible.

This service is now going through the service validation process with several Internet 2 members and is expected to be open for general availability this spring. To find out more about DuraCloud please visit our Features, pricing and FAQ's.

Watch this webinar showcasing the new DuraCloud managed service.

Service Validation

DuraCloud is currently in the service validation process with the following institutions:

  • North Carolina State University
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Virginia

The service validation process will produce the following outcomes:

  • Develop standard business agreement for Internet2 members
  • Validate authentication process and mechanisms
  • Validate service offering

For a presentation of DuraCloud features, please click here.


To learn about the fees associated with DuraCloud, please click here.


What is DuraCloud?

DuraCloud is a hosted service and open technology developed by DuraSpace that makes it easy for organizations and end users to use cloud services. It is a cloud-based service that leverages existing cloud infrastructure to enable durability and access to digital content. The service is particularly focused on providing preservation support and access services for academic libraries, academic research centers, and other cultural heritage organizations. DuraCloud builds on pure storage from expert storage providers by overlaying the access functionality and preservation support tools that are essential to ensuring long-term access and ease of use. DuraCloud offers cloud storage and replication of content across multiple providers, via one web-accessible interface.

Once digital content is stored in the cloud, compute services are the key to unlocking its value. DuraCloud provides services that enable digital preservation, data access, transformation, and data sharing. DuraCloud offers customers an elastic capacity with a "pay as you go" approach. It is appropriate for individuals, single institutions, or for multiple organizations that want to make use of cross-institutional infrastructure. DuraCloud has undergone several rounds of pilot testing and will be released as a service hosted by the DuraSpace not-for-profit organization in the summer of 2011.

What services are currently available in DuraCloud?

DuraCloud currently offers services that support storage, preservation, and media access. In particular, DuraCloud makes it easy to copy your content onto several different cloud storage providers with one click and also keep that content synchronized with the primary cloud store. DuraCloud also offers a service that allows you to check the health of your content stored in DuraCloud. Through DuraCloud, you can also stream audio and video files, serve images, and easily transform images from one file format to another. Best of all, DuraCloud services are easy to configure through the web interface. The full list of services can be found here.

What solutions does DuraCloud provide? What use cases has DuraCloud been designed to support?

DuraCloud has been designed to support replication and backup activities, preservation and archiving, repository backup, and multimedia access. DuraCloud also acts as a mediation layer between you and cloud storage providers, therefore eliminating the risk of vendor lock-in. The full list of solutions can be found here.

For more FAQs, visit DuraCloud's webpage at


To learn how to participate in the DuraCloud offering, please contact the NET+ Program Manager, Sean O'Brien.