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Infrastructure & Platform Services
Candidate - Quickstart
Sara Jeanes


CloudyCluster by Omnibond is a comprehensive Advanced Cloud Computing platform. It provides higher education institutions a web-based interface to create and manage scalable High-Performance Computing (HPC) and BigData Clusters on Amazon Web Services (AWS). CloudyCluster connects to an AWS account and provides resources as needed. As a result, higher education institutions pay only for the compute and data storage require to run a Big Data Cluster. Students, researchers, and faculty can easily set up and run an HPC cluster from their mobile, tablet or desktop devices with a simple setup interface.

NET+ CloudyCluster's benefits include:

·      InCommon Federation Support for Single Sign On (SSO)

·      On-the-go High Performance Computing capability

·      On-demand compute groups supported by Amazon's DynamoDB 

·      Control over instance types and job scheduler, including Condor and Torque with more to be added in the future

·      Collaboration groups with customized access permissions and Google Drive folder sharing


For more information about CloudyCluster, visit