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Service Type:
Security & Identity
Early Adopter - Quickstart
Eligible Subscribers:
Internet2 Member or Other R&E Participant
Arizona State University
Nick Lewis

Cisco Cloudlock offers the cloud security fabric for the enterprise that helps organizations protect their sensitive data in and across public cloud applications such as Google Apps, Salesforce, Dropbox, Box, ServiceNow, third-party connected and other apps. The cloud-native security service provides customers the only complete, risk-appropriate, and people-centric solution to protect data, reduce risk, achieve compliance, manage threats and increase business productivity in the cloud.

Completely SaaS-based, API-based, No changes to the underlying infrastructure, No impact on end user experience, No network configurations, agents, reverse-proxies or gateways Deploys in minutes.

Cisco Cloudlock not only continuously monitors cloud apps for security issues from the time of deployment but can also flag incidents retroactively as far back as the time the original cloud app was deployed.

Manage the Entire Cloud Data Protection Lifecycle

Identify web and mobile applications that are directly connected to your corporate systems.

Setup configurable policies unique to your environment. Automatically classify sensitive data based on content (e.g. FERPA, PHI, PCI, PII, IP) and context (e.g. which users are sharing information from where).

Manage incidents in real-time and enforce policies with risk-appropriate and people-centric remediation actions.


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