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Matthew Buss

One of today’s most ubiquitous and essential tools on campus is the learning management system (LMS). Since 2008, Instructure has provided Canvas, the modern and extensible LMS, to more than 400 institutions. Instructure has partnered with Internet2 to develop a custom and unique offering, NET+ Canvas, which provides the higher education community with Canvas and additional features to meet the needs of Internet2 member institutions.

Internet2 and Canvas from Instructure on Vimeo.

Canvas is a rapidly growing, cloud-based service that helps improve student and faculty collaboration by integrating Web services such as Google Drive, Calendar, SMS, social media and RSS. Over the past 18 months, more than 400 educational institutions with about 3 million cumulative users have adopted Canvas. These institutions include Auburn University, Brown University, University of Central Florida, University of Maryland, University of Washington and the Utah Education Network.

Canvas is an easy-to-use learning platform designed to carry teaching and learning into the future. Like every LMS it provides the basic feature set you would expect: assignments, quizzes, discussion groups, grading, and course content tools. Canvas excels at delivering powerful functionality, providing a better user experience in a simple, intuitive way, and implementing the common LMS feature set in a superior way. Additionally, NET+ Canvas adds custom and unique features for Internet2 higher education members, including current or planned integrations with other Internet2 NET+ services and with the Internet2 research and education network infrastructure. Its future development will be guided by an Advisory Board consisting of representatives from the universities that developed the service with Internet2 and Instructure.


NET+ Canvas was designed in collaboration with educators and has been proven to meet the needs of the Internet2 community. Internet2 NET+ Canvas offers a customized evaluation and ramping process and streamlined contracting with a common click-through agreement developed and vetted by numerous university counsels and Internet2. The Internet2-Instructure NET+ partnership enables institutions to move rapidly through the LMS evaluation process, allowing for faster adoption of a superior learning platform.

Native Cloud

Canvas was designed for the cloud and that means no versions, no upgrades, no migrations and no inconvenient down times. Canvas will always be up-to-date with the latest features, bug fixes and security enhancements. The Internet2 NET+ offering includes a specialized test instance and custom pilot and trial terms.

Instructure hosts Canvas on the cloud-computing infrastructure provided by the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and fully redundant storage infrastructure of the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Amazon cloud infrastructure provides a highly available, scalable, and reliable platform.

Managed Hosting

Eliminates the time and expense of procuring, setting up, configuring and maintaining your own servers.


Provisions resources automatically for superior performance during peak usage. A common complaint with competing systems is they go down when usage spikes during finals or other high demand periods. With automated peak load management, additional server capacity is added automatically as system activity increases.

Service Availability and Reliability

Canvas comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is contractually agreed upon between Instructure and Internet2 in the Service Level Agreement. In addition, Canvas provides data protection through data replication, backup/restore and disaster recovery procedures at no additional charge.

Hands-free Updates

Provides the latest security patches, fixes and third-part compatibility updates in real-time with no administrative burden.

Ease of Use

A familiar, intuitive interface means most users already have the skills they need to navigate, learn and use Canvas. The NET+ Canvas offering includes a custom repository of end user oriented documentation and training material developed by the participating universities, Instructure and Internet2.

Students and faculty have convenient access to the Canvas system, using their standard campus login credentials. Canvas supports Single Sign-On (SSO) through several types of federated identity management systems, including SAML2/Shibboleth, LDAP, CAS and Active Directory. Instructure is a member of InCommon and is a Service Provider.


Allows institutions and instructors to use the web tools that they want. Integration of Google Drive, a wiki, or many other third-party systems is easy using the Canvas open API, LTI, RSS or other integration methods. Beyond giving institutions the flexibility to develop their own integrations, NET+ Canvas will include current or planned integrations with other Internet2 NET+ services and the Internet2 research and education network.

Flexible Pedagogy

Canvas provides all the features you expect from a modern learning platform to support a variety of teaching styles.

Communication Preferences

Users can receive Canvas notifications via Facebook, SMS text messaging, email and other communication channels.

Mobile Apps

Canvas includes free mobile applications: SpeedGrader mobile and Canvas iOS. SpeedGrader mobile for the iPad lets instructors quickly review and grade assignments. The Canvas mobile app keeps users connected with the ability to view grades, class schedules, files, send and receive messages, participate in discussions and post video and audio comments.

Integrated Multimedia

Makes using multimedia easy by allowing you to access and insert audio, video, text, images and more during all learning contact point. Even directly recorded video or audio to leave interactive student feedback.


Built-in Learning Analytics makes keeping track of student progress easy.

Learning Outcomes

Align Learning Outcomes with rubrics for institution-wide initiatives such as accreditation.


Breeze through grading in half the time while providing rich feedback on learning. With SpeedGrader for iPad (provided at no additional cost) even grading on the go is easy.

Accessibility, Compliance, and FERPA

Canvas is fully compliant with FERPA and with Sections 504 and 508 Accessibility Standards, including support for screen readers such as JAWS and NVDA. Canvas adheres to the latest ARIA specifications, avoids problematic content (like Flash) and even converts math equations to MathML automatically


Pricing for NET+ Canvas is based on a one-time implementation fee and on annual subscription fees calculated by multiplying an institution's student FTE count by a tiered annual per-FTE subscription fee. Universities interested in subscribing should provide a reference to any published (IPEDS, university website, etc.) student FTE count to justify their tier and to calculate the price.

Canvas Fees Table

Internet2 Member Benefits

In addition to discounted subscription fees, Internet2 higher education member institutions are eligible for these special NET+ Canvas benefits:

  • Early adopter incentive
  • Discounted rates on professional services
  • Customized support packages at discounted rates
  • Two free passes to InstructureCon, the annual Canvas users conference, the first year of your agreement
  • No year-over-year escalation in fees
  • Waterfall pricing*

*As more institutions subscribe to NET+ Canvas, the per-FTE subscription fee will decrease for each tier.


Ready to get started using NET+ Canvas learning management platform for your institution? You’ll need to get some information together, as outlined in the following steps, to help us prepare a Pricing Proposal.

Also, you may want to review the Enterprise Customer Agreement (ECA) to understand some of the information we need in the application process.

  1. Determine your eligibility

    Institutions need to be Internet2 members receive special features and pricing.

    For more information on becoming an Internet2 member, see "Internet2 Membership."

  2. Determine your pricing tier

    The annual pricing of the Internet2 NET+ Canvas service is based on annual subscription fees calculated by multiplying an institution's FTE count by a tiered annual per-FTE subscription fee. The institutions FTE count determines the tier used for pricing

    TIER 1 2 3 4 5 6
    FTE Count Up to

    You'll need to select your organization's tier on the form. See the Canvas Fees Table for more information.

  3. Determine whether your institution wishes to add a pilot system, additional storage, custom URL, or customized training.

    • An institution can have a Canvas Pilot for a flat rate of $7,500 please see pricing for additional information.
    • Additional 500 MB of storage per FTE is available at $0.50 per FTE. The annual Canvas subscription fees for a client institution's account include 500 MB of storage per FTE.
    • Add a custom/vanity URL to your Canvas site fro $1,500.
    • Customized Training onsite $3,000 per day plus travel or online at $250.00/hr.
  4. Are any special considerations required?

    Does your institution require special considerations due to state law or regulations? Are there any mandated limitations on renewal periods? You'll need to indicate this on the form.

  5. Gather contact information for the required Canvas service roles

    You'll have to enter the name, address, phone and email information for each of these service roles on your application.

    • CIO/Senior information technology officer – This is your organization's senior information technology officer, typically the CIO.
    • Application submitter – The submitter of the application form will receive the submission confirmation email and will be the point of contact for confirmation of details or clarification.
    • General information contacts – The general information contacts are the LMS Administrators and a few faculty members who are very involved with Canvas across the institution.
    • Status information contacts – The Status information contacts are the individuals who will receive correspondence from Instructure about updates, outages, and other issues related to customer support and the helpdesk.
    • Data Security & Privacy contact – The Data Security & Privacy contact is responsible for FERPA and privacy in Canvas affecting the institution.
    • Administrative contact – The administrative contact is the individual with the power to authorize the service contract and fees.
    • Billing contact – The billing contact is the individual to whom invoices should be addressed.
    • Primary legal contact (Campus Address for Legal Notices) – The primary legal contact is the individual who serves as contact point and/or legal resource, to whom legal inquiries and concerns should be addressed.
    • Secondary legal contact – The secondary legal contact is the individual who serves as a backup for the primary legal contact.
  6. Work with the Instructure representative and the Internet2 Program Manager

    The Instructure representative and the Internet2 Program Manager will work with you to prepare a Pricing Proposal.