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Infrastructure & Platform Services
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North Carolina State University
Sara Jeanes

IBM Bluemix infrastructure services, an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, has uniquely designed and deployed a global, interconnected platform that meets the key operational and economic requirements that the Internet2 Net+ Research and Education (R&E) community demands from a cloud infrastructure providers. IBM Bluemix infrastructure services provides a broad portfolio of infrastructure services including: compute (both virtual and x86 and open Power bare metal servers with optional GPUs), high IOPS networked storage, security components and advanced network services. It is IBM Bluemix infrastructure services' network, which is connected with a high speed and secure fiber private backbone between globally deployed data centers, that is one of its fundamental components in terms of performance.

Those in the R&E community can take the building blocks offered by IBM Bluemix infrastructure services and deploy public cloud instances, build private clouds on their choice of virtualization stack, leverage the raw power of bare metal on demand for research requiring High Performance Computing (HPC), or combine these solutions into distributed, hybrid architectures (e.g., Virtual Computing Lab - VCL - a service that is based on open source software and is used by major universities can exploit these Bluemix infrastructure services offerings). IBM Bluemix infrastructure services users can build what they want, or leverage turn-key big data and private cloud solutions to design and deploy complex, scalable infrastructure online in real time. All components are delivered as a unified service, managed from a single pane of glass via a Web portal or mobile application, and accessible via a powerful, full-featured API. It's a model that provides users with a greater range of choice, flexibility and control than any other cloud infrastructure solution in the industry.

In addition to infrastructure capabilities, IBM delivers many other cloud services including platform as a service and Watson service on Bluemix. BlueMix platform as a service is a complete DevOps environment that allows students and faculty to build, manage and running applications of all types (e.g., mobile, social, analytics, IoT). BlueMix embraces Cloud Foundry as an open source platform and extends it with IBM, third party, and community built services. A set of these services are centered around IBM Watson, which is a cognitive technology that processes information more like a human than a computer—by understanding natural language, generating hypotheses based on evidence, and learning as it goes.

More information about Bluemix can be found here: