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Blue Jeans Network

Eligible Subscribers:
Internet2 Higher Education members.
University of Pennsylvania
Ben Fineman

Blue Jeans Network is dedicated to making video conferencing as easy and affordable as making a phone call. Our service seamlessly connects traditional video systems with users on desktop solutions (including Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber, Google Video Chat), standard web-browsers, and mobile devices. Blue Jeans includes support for HD content and video sharing, adding rich collaboration capabilities to your learning environment. With support for up to 25 participants per meeting, Blue Jeans helps students and faculty to connect from virtually anywhere without the need for expensive, dedicated hardware or software. And since the host is the only one required to have a Blue Jeans account, you can invite anyone to your meeting at any time without worrying licensing restrictions. Getting together has never been so easy!



Blue Jeans service in partnership with Internet2 provides a private peering between Internet2's network and Blue Jeans network, offering high quality video collaboration in a scalable and secure fashion. 

Single Sign-On (SSO) 

Students and faculty have convenient access to the Blue Jeans service, using their standard campus login credentials. Blue Jeans supports Single Sign-On (SSO) through several types of federated identity management systems. 

Multi-vendor Interoperability 

From telepresence systems, video room systems to web browsers and everything in between, Blue Jeans supports the widest range of video enabled devices and applications in the market. Multi-party The world's largest multi-party video platform, supporting up to 25 connections per meeting. 


No hardware to buy, install or manage. True cloud based deployment that is instant, scalable and secure. 

HD Video 

Up to 720p30, high-resolution video conferencing. 

HD Content Sharing

Up to 1080p, high resolution content sharing. 

Video Sharing

Real-time video sharing with anyone, on any device. 


Dynamic scaling to instantly meet your needs. No need to overbuy. Pay-as-you-grow and say goodbye to costly upgrades & maintenance costs. 

Mobile - BYOD or App

Video on the go – from iPads, to tablets and smartphones. Because education is an activity, not a place. 


Enterprise grade secure cloud deployment along with end-to-end encrypted meetings even in a multi-vendor environment. 


Integration with your favorite applications – Salesforce, LinkedIn, Microsoft Outlook, Google Chrome/Calendar 

Enterprise Ready

Add and manage users through a centralized admin console. Set access permissions and passwords, create reports on user activity and integrate with your SSO infrastructure. 


Video conferencing exceedingly simplified and user friendly. 

Use Cases

NET+ Blue Jeans was designed with universities and institutes in mind and has proven to meet the needs of the Internet2 community. Click Here to learn more about the different use cases that the Blue Jeans service has been able to address.


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What is Blue Jeans?

Blue Jeans is a cloud-based, meet-me, multi-party video conferencing service that provides a cost-effective, scalable alternative to traditional hardware/software-based infrastructure. It’s robust video communications platform offers a solution that can meet the needs of both business users and IT administrators. Easy scheduling, simple click-to-join meetings and Group Administration features, make hosting and managing video meetings easy for everyone.

Who can benefit from using Blue Jeans?

There is almost no use case that doesn’t benefit from a high-quality, face-to-face meeting; these include sales meetings, engineering calls, board meetings, distance learning, manufacturing and marketing program roll-outs. To improve productivity even further, you can share everything from presentations to videos – in real time. Blue Jeans removes the cost and complexity often associated with video conferencing and makes meetings easy, open and affordable for all. For a complete list of use cases in the Education industry, visit:

What are the benefits of using Blue Jeans?

Multi-vendor, Multi-Device Interoperability – Blue Jeans provides connectivity to traditionally incompatible systems. See our list of supported platforms: Multi-Party Meetings – Blue Jeans supports up to 25 endpoints per meeting, making it perfect for everything from online courses and study groups to field trips. Scalable Cloud Service – Since Blue Jeans runs completely in the cloud, there is no hardware or software to buy, install and manage.

What is the relationship between Blue Jeans and Internet2?

Internet2 and Blue Jeans, have partnered to offer preferential pricing, common terms, and a secure trusted framework encouraging university-wide adoption by staff, faculty and students. This means every individual within the university can start hosting video meetings to collaborate.

How can an institution engage with NET+ Blue Jeans?

Simply sign-up for a 14-day free trial under the Participation page and a sales representative will get in touch with you to discuss plan options, features and the benefits of using Blue Jeans:

Thank you for your interest in Internet2 NET+ Blue Jeans Network. Please check the Overview tab for updates as they become available. Have a question not answered here? Send an email to


Click Here to sign up for a 14-day trial.

To sign up, please send an email to for information on how to participate further!