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Eligible Subscribers:
Internet2 Higher Education members.
Georgetown University
Quyen Vaillant

Acquia helps Higher Education institutions optimize their campus experience through exceptional digital presence. Our digital innovation platform empowers Higher Education institutions of all types and sizes to move at the speed of the web with agility, integration and resiliency through open cloud hosting, developer tools and world-class support for Drupal, the open source content management platform that unifies content, community and commerce.

Global organizations use the massively scalable and highly secure Acquia Platform to unify content, community, and commerce. Deploy and manage one, dozens, or even hundreds of sites at breakthrough speed, without compromising brand or creating chaos. Real-time customer analytics and personalization delivers the right experience, at the right time, to the right device. Gain velocity by automating complex app development and system operations tasks.

The NET+ Acquia offering is now available to Internet2 members featuring a community discount on all Acquia Subscription Services Fees, exclusive of hardware, with an annual value of greater than $10,000 USD. Participants will also sign a customized agreement for higher education built using the NET+ contract template with strengthened contractual protections.



Acquia Cloud is a secure, managed platform that runs websites and applications; and provides tools to accelerate developers’ build-test-deploy cycles. The Acquia Cloud platform empowers organizations to go to market faster, reduce costs, and simplify website management. It does this by delivering highly available, scalable, and secure web infrastructure; a fully managed, high performance platform; an automated development workflow with site health and monitoring tools; and 24x7 monitoring backed by our highly experienced and knowledgeable support team. In addition the Acquia Cloud Platform provides pre-allocated testing environments, easy drag-and-drop deployments, local development support, APIs and Hooks for integration into your existing workflow, debugging tools, and granular access control for governance. Our expertise allows your team to focus on their core competencies instead of worrying about the operational headaches of maintaining hosting infrastructure, the platform that coordinates it, and the tools to automate developers’ workflows.

In addition, Acquia Cloud helps you overcome your problems by providing:

Effortless Management through an end-to-end solution optimized for Drupal.  Speed time-to-market, reduce costs, and simplify website management and ensures flexibility and scalability to meet evolving business needs.

Accelerated Development with tools that support best practice software development workflows.  Simplify testing and deployment of new websites through powerful and intuitive automation.  Tools that drive collaboration between developer teams while facilitating integration with third party tools.

Unparalleled Reliability through tools that improve uptime and simplify website maintenance and troubleshooting. Data centers spread across the global to maximize reliability and high availability.  Compliance with the most stringent standards to minimize security threats and downtime. 


Acquia Cloud Site Factory® is a multisite platform for IT digital platform organizations to efficiently deliver and govern many websites at global-scale. Ready and flexible, Acquia Cloud Site Factory enables standard processes for provisioning many sites and providing visibility, trust, and control over hundreds or thousands of sites from a single digital innovation platform. IT digital organizations now have a digital experience service that offers agility and consistency to digital marketing and experience teams from individual digital campaigns to global brand sites.  With Acquia Cloud Site Factory, IT can centrally manage and govern digital sites and experiences as a service provider.

Acquia Cloud Site Factory provides our experience, enablement, and the automation to help digital platform teams evolve to digital experience service providers.   With Acquia Cloud Site Factory IT teams can enable digital business users with drastically reduced time-to-market for new sites while providing both digital and brand governance, no restrictions on creative freedom, no limitations on features or custom functionality, and no workflow bottlenecks. Acquia Cloud Site Factory increases deployment efficiency, speed, and manageability allowing digital experience organizations to gain competitive advantage without sacrificing quality.

Manage and unify all your sites from a single management platform

Site Factory platform provides the visibility, trust, and control making it possible for just a few administrators to reliably deliver and govern all of their sites, manage users centrally, and integrate sites with their entire digital marketing toolset.

From Individual to Global-scale digital and brand governance

Site Factory provides centralized dashboard and reporting with automation and workflow to ensure site visibility, trust, and control.

Govern individual to hundreds of sites

Build once, duplicate for many. The Site Factory platform includes  content standardization, provisioning, and management automation to deliver  new or duplicate simple or complex sites fast.

No restrictions, no limitations, no bottlenecks

With the fastest time-to-market for multiple site deployments, Site Factory offers no restrictions on creative freedom, no limitations on site complexity, features, or custom functionality, and no workflow bottlenecks.


Acquia Lift is a SaaS-based personalization platform that tracks the behavior of anonymous and identified customers across devices throughout their customer journey—from first point of interaction as an anonymous visitor through to becoming a repeat, loyal customer. Lift creates a unified customer profile for each individual based on their cross-channel historical and real-time behavior. Using these profiles, Lift adaptively segments customers in real time—allowing marketers to deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time through the right channel.

Native CMS integration: Unlike other specialized personalization tools, Lift is natively integrated into the CMS, embedded into your existing content workflow. This means there is no need for multiple content repositories or a shadow CMS. You personalize your web experience with the the content already at your fingertips in Drupal.

Open marketing platform: Lift is an open marketing platform so it integrates with all of your existing marketing tools and systems and any future technologies you may invest in. Lift offers APIs and pre-built integrations for the bidirectional syncing of data between systems.  This is what enables true omnichannel personalization.

Visitor identity resolution: Lift is best in class in terms of visitor identity resolution across devices. As soon as a visitor identifies himself, Lift merges the anonymous profile with the known, consolidating all real-time and historic information into a single record.


Acquia Content Hub is a cloud-based, content distribution and discovery service that enables customers to author, search and share content throughout a complex network of sites and channels. Whether it’s multiple sites, diverse departments, or different technologies, Content Hub connects content bi-directionally, enabling global enterprises to discover, reuse, and distribute content throughout their entire organization in a secure cloud environment.

Content Hub empowers content managers to always deliver relevant and engaging digital experiences, with a robust set of content discovery and sharing tools, including:

  • Content Repository: Aggregate content and data from any enterprise content source or system
  • Powerful Content Discovery: Break down content silos and quickly find relevant content with filters and faceted search
  • Syndication and Subscription: Subscribe to content updates in near real time, respecting local changes and workflow rules
  • Accessible API: Build connectors to bridge content silos across diverse systems and technologies
  • Technology Integration: Easily integrate into your diverse technology footprint - no need to rip and replace
  • Automated Updates: Automatically import or publish content to your site based on customizable subscriptions


Acquia Cloud Edge is a family of solutions that extends the security and performance advantages of the Acquia Platform to the edge of the distribution network. Acquia Cloud Edge powered by CloudFlare stops online threats before they reach your sites so your sites can serve legitimate visitors optimally. Acquia Cloud Edge ensures that global visitors interact with your site at the fastest possible speeds for the best experience with your brand.

Features include:

  • Security
    • DDoS protection
    • Easy SSL for large number of domains Ž
  • Performance
    • Globally load balanced CDN
    • High-speed DNS
    • Web content optimization

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  1. Review the service offering, Enterprise Customer Agreement and fees. Information may be obtained through an Acquia account executive or by emailing
  2. Complete the NET+ Acquia application.
  3. Sign the NET+ Acquia Enterprise Customer Agreement as provided based on your application.

Note: Internet2 requires electronic signatures for legal contracts, unless state law mandates otherwise.

Try Acquia for Free:


Acquia Cloud Free is a free version of Acquia Cloud—a continuous delivery cloud platform optimized to run Drupal websites. Acquia Cloud Free’s development sandbox and ultimate set of site building tools allow developers and technical evaluators to build quality Drupal websites—fast. You get:

  • Automated workflow gives you your own dev and stage environment and lets you drag and drop to deploy code and content. Ž
  • Acquia Insight analyzes and makes recommendations to increase the quality of your site based on performance, security, and best practices. Ž
  • Acquia Search offers Apache Solr-powered search out of the box to ensure a five-star search experience for your visitors. Ž
  • Mollom stops spammers and ensures site content quality. Ž
  • Acquia Help Center provides hundreds of Drupal how-to articles, webinars, podcasts, videos, and blogs.

Try Acquia Cloud Free or contact our team to learn more.