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Today’s universities require communications systems that can keep up with the evolving needs of a living campus. Fast, secure and reliable are mandatory-they are imperative. 2sms is the SMS delivery provider to offer customizable service and solution options that fulfill this imperative while meeting your emergency and non-emergency demands head-on.

2sms goes beyond our competitor’s efforts to prioritize dependability above cost-cutting. Instead of compromising reliability for a volume discount with one gateway; 2sms utilizes multiple gateways for fail-over. What does this mean to you? With 2sms, when one gateway loses its connection to your wireless carriers, notification traffic automatically diverts to another gateway and you notice nothing. The result is our ability to offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Imagine having the knowledge that all notifications will be delivered safely, securely and within seconds -- every time, in support of:

  • Campus Safety: Severe Weather Warnings & Power Outage Alerts and Updates
  • Admissions: Registration Reminders, Venue Change Announcements
  • Finance: Due Date Reminders, Past Due Notifications
  • IT: Outage Alerts, Self-service Password Resets, VPN Access PIN, Two-factor Authentication
  • Athletics & Fitness: Venue Change Alerts, Game Time Alerts
  • Student Life: Student Affairs Alerts, Community Alerts

2sms enables mass text messaging to mobile devices anywhere and anytime. To meet and exceed our clients’ requirements for fast delivery, reliability and security; 2sms invests in and utilizes the highest caliber technologies, agreements and certifications.

For more information please visit Internet2 2SMS Solutions.


The Internet2 NET+ 2SMS products and services enrich organization’s internal and external communication.  2SMS’s powerful platform is built specifically for enterprise mobile engagement.  Our Global Smart Messaging Modules enable you to deploy SMS and eMail communication initiatives to your audience fast.  Using our Global Smart Messaging Modules saves you time and money, and ensures that you meet all federal government regulations and wireless carrier requirements. 

Standard Bulk SMS Service

This service supports 1-way and 2-way SMS services via a shortcode.  Build SMS workflow to improve your business processes using API's, Web App and Mobile Apps.

HIPAA & FARPA Compliant Secure SMS+ Service

This service is for HIPAA and FERPA compliant communications.  SMS+ is the ideal solution when the content of your messages is commercially sensitive, or where regulatory constraints prevent the sending of free form SMS or emails; such as personally identifiable patient information (PII).

Made to Order Cloud Communications Platform Service

This service provides a custom design/build/deploy messaging platform that meets your organizations' business requirements.  We can deploy the platform to your specified data center or to a private cloud platform. 


All Internet2 NET+ 2SMS products and services come with enterprise grade security.  We keep every client’s information encrypted, password protected and safe from prying eyes. We are ISO27001:2005 certified and meet Fortune 500’s security compliance standards.  We also offer strong password and login authentication options such as 2-Factor, OpenID, and SAML to enhance security between 2sms and your organization.



1-Way Standard Rate Text Message for US Destinations

  • $.0325 flat rate per 160 Latin character SMS
  • 20,000 minimum message block purchase
  • 12-month expiration waived

1-Way Standard Rate Text Message for International Destinations

  • Tier 1 Country:  $.040 per 160 Latin character SMS
  • Tier 2 Country:  $.060 per 160 Latin character SMS
  • Tier 3 Country:  $.090 per 160 Latin character SMS

Managed Services

10% off commercial rate on managed services offered by 2sms

  • Dedicated Shortcode Provisioning
  • Made to Order Platform Design/Build/Deploy
  • Custom Communication Workflow Design

Thank you for your interest in Internet2 NET+ 2SMS.  If you would like to learn more send us an email to