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Network Fees

The following table details the costs associated with setting up and maintaining an organization's access to the Internet2 Network. Some of these costs are in the form of fees paid directly to Internet2. Others may include telecommunications costs, cost-sharing with the local regional network, and equipment costs required to take advantage of Internet2's advanced services. This table addresses only fees paid directly to Internet2.

The fees listed below are effective as of January 1, 2018.

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Network Participation Fee
Constituency Annual Fee
Higher Education Included in the Sustaining Contribution; learn more about the Scale-based model
Affiliate (not for profit) Level 1 - $26,570
Level 2 - $23,915
Level 3 - $15,300
Level 4 - $4,456
Industry (for profit) Level 1 - $26,570
Level 3 - $23,915
Level 4 - $23,915
R&E Network Connector/Member NA
Internet2 Community Anchor Program   $35,000
$2,000 times number of representatives in state U.S. House Delegation
Sponsored Participants NA