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Layer 3 Services


Internet2's Advanced Layer 3 Services (AL3S) offer IP network services and I2PX services.

IP Network

Internet2's IP Network delivers a strategic advantage for leaders in research and education (R&E). Due to its community based operations and constant collaborative evaluation and optimization, the Advanced Layer 3 Services offer leading edge network characteristics to meet the constantly evolving needs of high-speed research and collaboration.

A map of Internet2's IP Network and an infosheet providing more detail can be accessed in the box to the right of this page.


Internet2 Peer Exchange (I2PX) provides strategic connectivity to portions of the public Internet and peering relationships through over 80 select entities. Internet2 members have commercial traffic needs, too. Internet2's commercial peering service offers a low cost path with higher performance goals than commercial alternatives. I2PX provides high performance, low latency, and efficient (1 hop) access to some of the top content destinations in the world including: Google, Yahoo, Netflix, and other commercial content providers. The service supports IPv4, IPv6 and multicast.

Included in the Internet2 Network Advanced Layer 3 Service fee, the peering service allows Members to leverage their existing Internet2 Network connection investments to help serve their commercial Internet needs, with substantial savings on commodity Internet charges.


IP Network Services

The IP network is built across a carrier-class infrastructure and supports leading-edge IPv4, IPv6, multicast and other advanced networking protocols, as well as the ability to more easily and flexibly increase its capacity beyond any other research and education (R&E) network in the world. Internet2 members take advantage of this advanced network service’s:

  • Dedication to specialized R&E traffic
  • Engineering that allows wide reachability across the R&E community with abundant "headroom" optimized for peak performance. Average use and traffic congestion are not part of the discussion when it comes to network planning for this network. The network is engineered for the most demanding traffic patterns, ensuring optimal performance. The goal of this service is for users to never experience dropped packets, jitter or other underperformance characteristics of commodity networks.
  • High reliability, and connections to a fabric of other national R&E networks around the globe

A map of Internet2's IP Network is available at available in the box to the right.

Please see the FAQ tab for additional information.

I2PX Services

Through Internet2 Peer Exchange (I2PX), Members can leverage their existing Internet2 Network investments to help serve their commercial Internet needs.

In addition to enhanced network performance and cost savings, I2PX allows Internet2 members to more efficiently adapt to innovative uses of network resources both inside of the Internet2 Network and out in the commercial Internet by providing high-speed access to network-intensive applications, such as interactive social networking and high-definition video, among others.

Currently, the service offers nearly 300,000 routes through peering partnerships with commercial networks. Additional private and public peering connections are being evaluated to further improve and diversify our commercial network peering infrastructure.

Please see the FAQ tab for additional information.


For service information and fees, send email to


Internet2's Advanced Layer 3 Services are available to:

Please contact for more information.


Internet2 Peer Exchange (I2PX) FAQ

Who can connect to I2PX?

I2PX is offered to all Internet2 Network connectors, who in turn may offer it to any of their members.

How much does I2PX cost?

For Internet2 Network connectors I2PX is included in the base connection fee, so it is available at no additional cost.

Once a connector opts into the I2PX service, are they committed to using the service for a fixed period of time?

No. Once the service is established, the connector controls how much they use the service or not; they can experiment and evaluate the cost savings.

How do I request I2PX?

Contact the Internet2 Network Operation Center (NOC). Your request will be routed to an engineer, who will be assigned to work with you to set up the service, based on your particular circumstances and configuration. The NOC is reachable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: Phone: 317-278-6622 Email:

IP Network FAQ

Do I have to be a member to get the Advanced Layer 3 service?

Yes, you must be an Internet2 Network member to get access to this service.

If I have an AL2S connection how do I get AL3S service?

The port has to be "converted" to an AL2S/AL3S port – it's the same physical port, but at a different price point – and it provides access from the Layer 2 to the Layer 3 network. Please see this link for additional details.

Is there a minimum connection speed?

Yes, 10 Gigabits/second.

Is there a map or diagram depicting the Layer 3 network?

Are reports or statistics on usage available?

Yes, please see Internet2 IP (AL3S) Network for real-time graphs showing AL3S backbone link utilization and this link for AL3S interface statistics.