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AL2S Participants

AL2S Participants

A list of organizations and projects currently participating in AL2S. Listed are the organization's name (and link), the number of connections to AL2S, the cities where those connections are made, and contact information for that organization.

100GE AL2S Participants

Participant Count Site 1 Site 2 Site 3 Contact
3ROX 1 Pittsburgh
BTAA OmniPOP 1 Starlight
CAAREN 1 Washington
CEN 1 Hartford
CENIC (also 10GE) 2 Los Angeles Sunnyvale
Clemson 1 Atlanta
Drexel University 1 Philadelphia
FLR (also 10GE) 1 Jacksonville
GE Research 1 Albany    
GPN 2 Kansas City Tulsa
Indiana Gigapop 2 Chicago Indianapolis
KyRON 1 Louisville    
LEARN (also 10GE) 2 Dallas Houston
LONI 1 Baton Rouge
MARIA 1 Ashburn
MAX Gigapop 2 Ashburn Washington
MCNC 3 Charlotte Raleigh (2)
Merit 1 Detroit
MREN 1 Starlight
NIH 1 Ashburn
Northern Lights GigaPoP 1 Minneapolis     TAC-NTS-LIST@LISTS.UMN.EDU
NOX (also 10GE) 3 Boston New York Albany
NSHE 2 Las Vegas Reno
NYSERNet 2 New York Buffalo
OARnet 2 Cincinnati Cleveland
Oregon Gigapop 2 Portland(2)
PNWGP 2 Seattle Starlight
SoX (also 10GE) 1 Atlanta
Sun Corridor 2 Phoenix Tucson
UIUC 1 Starlight
University of Montana 1 Missoula
University of Pennsylvania 1 Philadelphia
University of Pittsburgh 1 Pittsburgh
USDA (also 10GE) 3 Ashburn Kansas City Sunnyvale
Utah 1 Salt Lake City

10GE AL2S Participants

Participant Count Site 1 Site 2 Site 3 Site 4 Contact
AbbVie 1 Chicago      
CENIC (also 100GE) 1 El Paso
Biogen Idec 2 Ashburn Boston    
FLR (also 100GE) 1 Baton Rouge
Internet2 1 Denver
LEARN (also 100GE) 2 El Paso Minneapolis
MissiON 2 Jackson (2)
NOAA 3 Dallas Denver Washington
NOX (also 100GE) 2 Sunnyvale (2)
Smithsonian 1 Ashburn
SoX (also 100GE) 1 Dallas
Syngenta 2 Ashburn Raleigh    
USDA (also 100GE) 3 Denver Jackson Kansas City  
XSEDE 6 Cleveland Denver (2) Los Angeles Starlight (2)

Exchange Points (all 100GE)

Exchange Points Count Site 1 Site 2 Contact
Esnet 2 Sunnyvale Chicago
MAN LAN 1 New York
Pacific Wave 2 Los Angeles Seattle
Starlight 1 Starlight
WIX 1 Washington

AL2S Workgroups

A list of AL2S OESS workgroups. To make a connection to an interface owned by one of these workgroups you must contact that workgroup and ask for your workgroup to be added to the Access Control List (ACL) for that interface. In a similar way, to allow one of these workgroups access to an interface that you own you must add that workgroup to the ACL for your interface.

AL2S Workgroups

Workgroup Workgroup Workgroup
AbbVie Louisiana Optical Network Initiative StarLight
Atlantic Wave Manhattan Landing Super Computing
Biogen Idec MCNC Syngenta
BrayCo Merit Network Three Rivers Optical Exchange
C-Light Metropolitan Research & Education Network TransitRail
CAAREN Mid Atlantic Crossroads TransPAC2
California Institute of Technology Mid Atlantic Research Infrastructure Alliance, Inc University of Arizona / SunCorridor
Center for Education Network Initiatives in California Mississippi Optical Network University of California at Los Angeles
CIC Omnipop National Center for Supercomputing Applications University of Chicago
Connecticut Education Network National Institutes of Health University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Corporacion Universitaria para el Desarrollo de Internet National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration University of Maine
Dartmouth College Nevada System of Higher Education University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
DREXEL University Northern Crossroads University of Montana
Duke University Northern Lights Gigapop University of New Hampshire
Energy Sciences Network NYSERNet University of New Mexico
Florida Lambda Rail OARnet University of Oklahoma at Norman
Food and Drug Administration OneNet University of Pennsylvania/MAGPI
GE Global Research Oregon Gigapop University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh
George Washington University OSHEAN, Inc. University of Southern California
Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) Pacific Northwest Gigapop University of Vermont
Great Plains Network Pacific Wave US Ignite
Indiana Gigapop Renaissance Computing Institute USDA
Indiana University / GlobalNOC SingAREN Utah Education Network (UEN)
Internet2 Smithsonian Institution WIX
Internet2 NOC Service Desk Southern Crossroads XSEDE
LoneStar Education and Research Network