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Advanced Networking

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Uninhibited performance

Built by and for the research and education community, the Internet2 Network offers 100 gigabit Ethernet technology on its entire footprint. Offering uninhibited performance on a deeply programmable platform, the Internet2 Network is propelling research and education forward.

The Internet2 Network provides transparent operations and is continually being evaluated and optimized by the community to meet the unique and evolving needs of high-speed research and collaboration. 


Advanced Layer 3 Services

Advanced Layer 3 Services deliver a specialized research and education community network solution. Designed specifically for their unique needs and optimized for the most demanding, high performance peak-plus-potential network traffic - this service delivers a highly reliable, globally interconnected fabric.

Advanced Layer 2 Services

Advanced Layer 2 Services provide scalable and flexible global access to an open exchange network where members can support the most demanding data-intensive science or production applications by building short or long-term Layer 2 circuits between endpoints on the Internet2 Network and beyond.

Advanced Layer 1 Services

Advanced Layer 1 Services provide a highly specialized and cost-effective toolkit to build a custom, high-capacity network on the most advanced research collaboration platform in the world.

Networking for Cloud

Internet2's Networking for Cloud is a combination of Cloud Exchange and Cloud Connect. Cloud Exchange provides Layer 3 routed access to Amazon, Google, and Microsoft via direct peering with these providers. Cloud Connect, using your regional's infrastructure in conjunction with the Internet2 Network, allows you to reach cloud resources, including Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Amazon AWS Direct Connect and Google Cloud Platform Dedicated Interconnect.

DDoS Mitigation Service Pilot

Internet2 provides a cloud-based volumetric Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation Service procured from a commercial service provider.

Global Services

As global collaborations grow in number, complexity and importance, MAN LAN and the other international exchange points allow our member institutions to bring traffic effectively into the Internet2 Network and to its connectors.

Custom Networks

Internet2 has extensive expertise in developing network capacity planning strategies for our members, resulting in custom network solutions that integrate the right blend of Internet2 Layer1, Layer2 and Layer3 services.