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Internet2 To Discuss Advancing Science in the Age of Big Data and Support for Network Virtualization at XSEDE14 Conference

Posted on Jul 15, 2014 by Iljun Kim
Tags: 100 gigabit Ethernet, Advanced Network Services, Community-Driven Innovation, Internet2 Network, Network Architecture

Internet2 To Discuss Advancing Science in the Age of Big Data and Support for Network Virtualization at XSEDE14 Conference

XSEDE Benefits 17 Supercomputers and 8,000 Scientists

With Access to the Internet2 Network, the Nation’s Fastest Research

 & Education Network

WHO:            Eric Boyd, Senior Director of Strategic Projects, Internet2

WHAT:          To highlight the XSEDE-Internet2 partnership, science in the age of Big Dataand support for network virtualization

WHEN:          XSEDE14 Conference, Wednesday, July 16 at 8 am.

WHERE:       Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Atrium Ballroom A, 265 Peachtree Center Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia

WASHINGTON, D.C.—(July 15, 2014)--The Internet2 community has partnered closely with XSEDE collaborators to build a platform for innovating data intensive science applications to catalyze new discoveries, and support abundant bandwidth, friction-free science, and open network stacks. Furthermore, Internet2 is developing new virtualization capabilities to serve XSEDE’s and other researchers’ needs for virtualized compute and storage.

Eric Boyd, Senior Director of Strategic Projects at Internet2, will highlight the XSEDE-Internet2 partnership, the capabilities of the advanced, next generation Internet2 Network and support for network virtualization during the XSEDE Annual Conference.

“We are excited about our partnership with the Internet2 community and XSEDE’s upgrade to Internet2’s new 100 Gigabit Network to advance science,” said John Towns, XSEDE project director. “I am interested in hearing at the Conference Internet2’s new efforts to build upon our efforts to create an ecosystem that accelerates science by allowing researchers to make full use of the wealth of HPC, data and visualization resources available over XSEDEnet.”

In 2013, XSEDE migrated and upgraded its network backbone infrastructure to the Internet2 Network. The new infrastructure is providing the most advanced interconnection available for the global scientific community.The upgrade allowed XSEDE to go from 10 Gigabit to Internet2’s new 100 Gigabit-enabled and 8.8-terabit-per-second optical network, platform, services and technologies.

Under the leadership of XSEDE and Internet2, the new infrastructure is providing the most advanced interconnection available for the global scientific community.

More than 8,000 scientists and 17 supercomputers in the United States use XSEDE to complete thousands of research projects supporting more than 2,000 publications annually.

To learn more, visit Internet2’s booth at the XSEDE14 Conference and

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XSEDENET: An Advanced Network Advancing Science in the Age of Big Data

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Accelerating Scientific Discovery,

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About the XSEDE Annual Conference

The annual XSEDE conference brings together the extended community of individuals interested in advancing research cyberinfrastructure and integrated digital services for the benefit of science and society. Follow @XSEDEscience on Twitter and use the hashtag #XSEDE14 for conference and other information, or visit

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