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Steve Wolff Inducted into Internet Hall of Fame

Posted on Aug 01, 2013 by Meredith Lovelace
Tags: Governance, Leadership, Member Update

Steve Wolff

Internet2 Chief Technology Officer Steve Wolff was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame on August 3 in Berlin, Germany. Wolff was recognized for being instrumental in the early design and development of the Internet. As the former National Science Foundation director for networking, Wolff was responsible for the development of the NSFNET, the first open computer network in the U.S. for the support of research and higher education.

He is one of 32 individuals honored by the Internet Society for their groundbreaking contributions to the global Internet. Other notables inducted include Mark Andreesen, who created Mosaic--the first widely used Web browser; Henning Schulzrinne, who co-developed the key protocols to enable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP); and Aaron Swartz, Internet activist and Reddit co-founder.

"Steve has truly earned this recognition as a member of the Hall of Fame's Pioneer Circle for being one of the early and most important Internet visionaries," said H. David Lambert, Internet2 president and chief executive officer.

"I feel very honored to be named to the Internet Hall of Fame, and doubly so to be in the company of so many peers and colleagues from those pioneering days when around the globe we worked with common purpose," said Steve Wolff. "The frontier seems as wide today as it did then."

Read more about the 2013 Internet Hall of Fame inductees here.

Watch Steve Wolff's acceptance speech at the Hall of Fame awards ceremony here.

Wolff recently spoke at the Asia Pacific Advanced Network-Network Research Workshop 2013 in Daejeon, Korea on Internet2's Innovation Platform and will be the featured keynote speaker at Ankubut's Annual Meeting in October in the United Arab Emirates.