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Governance Update - RAC (March '11)

Posted on Mar 01, 2011 by Meredith Lovelace
Tags: Advisory Councils, Governance, Member Update, Research Support, Research Wave Program

The Research Advisory Council (RAC) met with Dave Lambert, who gave his high-level thoughts on research support strategy and how Internet2 could organize to respond to the RAC's proposal for a Vice President of Research and concentrate on the seven primary strategic priorities for Internet2 (in particular, for this discussion, enhancing Internet2's ability to engage and support research communities). This topic is expected to continue to be important through the Spring Member Meeting, and Dave expects to make a more concrete presentation before then to the RAC for advice and comment. The RAC then turned to considering the draft report from the NSF ACCI Campus Bridging Task Force reviewed the findings and recommendations (which include the use of common federated identity management systems and a call for a new campus connections program to national backbones). No RAC response is expected; some members may respond individually. Finally, a subgroup led by John Kolb has been commissioned to work with Internet2 staff on developing the Research Wave Program, with the first specific recommendations expected by the Spring Member Meeting.